10 Reasons to Get Married

Reasons to Get Married

When it comes to marriage, everyone is an expert with opinions aplenty on who to marry, when to do it and how to keep it going once the last of the confetti has fallen. Getting married is often the biggest event of a person's life, with the entire process being a whirlwind for many - from meeting their future spouse through to the honeymoon, with countless dramas and surprises occurring along the way.

Getting married has become even more complicated in the 21st century with many couples opting NOT to marry for reasons ranging from the expense, fear of commitment or losing oneself in the tradition. These are all reasons to not get married, but there are many reasons FOR marriage...even if it is just to make sure someone always tells you when you have toilet paper stuck to your shoe!

1. You have found the One for you

So that's it. You have found the person that you want to share your life with. This person has seen the best and worst of you and still wants to see more. Knowing you have found the 'One' is a source of countless love songs and bad poetry, yet only the people involved can actually know if marriage is the next logical step

2. You are ready to commit for life

Many people chose to live in de facto relationships with their partners, but being married is not just a religious ceremony but a legally binding contract that offers protection and legal requirements for both parties involved. For many people, this represents the ultimate commitment.

3. Someone to blame when things go missing

Always cursing yourself when you have misplaced your keys or the remote? Well one of the beauties of marriage is that you now have an in-built blaming system for which you can blame your spouse for whatever idiotic behaviour that has lead to the missing items, even if the accusations are unjustified it is a well known fact that yelling about a missing object immediately makes it appear. This is a popular reason for many married couples.

4. A great party thrown in your honour

Unless you are the shy type who does not enjoy being the focus of attention, the wedding ceremony and its subsequent lead up events can be reason enough for marriage, not to mention the many events that follow. From the bucks or hens night to the first anniversary, marriage provides an excellent foundation for quality gifts and experiences for the starring couple.

5. You can stop getting fixed up

Almost reason for marriage alone after any particularly bad date, marriage does provide the perfect excuse for letting down those interested parties who you may not return the affection. "Dinner? Oh, I'm sorry, I'm married". Sounds far better than "I think I'm busy that night doing anything else in the world." Of course the trade off is that you no longer get to experience the hilariously diverse world of the modern dating scene, having to live vicariously through friends.

6. Always have a +1

Being married can have many significant advantages, if not only for the wingman at family or friends events who can fill in awkward silences, save you from strained conversations and provide a reason to leave early..."Oh we would love to stay but unfortunately spouse is just not feeling well."

7. Someone contractually obligated to care when you get the sniffles

Often the forgotten vow in many marriages, being there in sickness and in health can sometimes be the clinchers for many successful marriages as who can you possibly love more than the loving hand that provides aspirin or soup when you're sick?

8. Improved chances of getting lucky without need for alcohol

While certainly not a guarantee, getting married may certainly improve some people's chances of a higher strike rate than in their dating years.

9. Someone to listen to your stories for the umpteenth time

Yes, you may honestly believe that the story from that day on the lake is the funniest one you have in your entertaining arsenal, so chances are that your spouse heard it on the first date. Of course, the benefits of marriage mean that while they may have indeed heard it before, they may humour you by hearing it again, even with its new exaggerations and plot twists

10. Sounding board for life

Of course, one of the greatest points of marriage can sometimes be the fact that you have found someone who loves you no matter what, even when you are irrational, unpredictable and completely insane, they can provide either an excellent sounding board or a sparring partner.

Marriage is a great source of amusement and jokes for most people, both those who are living it and those who are mere observers. But all jokes aside, marriage is a serious commitment that people take when they are ready to share the whole lives with one other person, and this means all of their lives, the good and the bad.