Bridal Party Reception Introduction Advice

The Bridal Party Introduction is the formal introduction of the extended bridal party at the reception, after all guests are seated within the reception venue that is often used to set the scene for the reception through its music choice and any actions by the party. This is usually a time when a wedding theme will be re-enforced for the reception, or it can be a way to shake up a formal atmosphere through a playful choice of song and dance.

There are essentially two factors to consider when discussing the options of the bridal party introduction, the order and the music. When discussing the order of the bridal party entrance, this refers to who will be entering first and so on.

Officially speaking, the MC or DJ should introduce the grandparents of the bridal couple first (who may or may not already be seated) before introducing the couple's parents as they enter. This is a time where you can either have no music to allow for applause or a different song than what is intended for the bridal party. The bridal party entrance should be as follows:

  • Flower Girl and Page Boy
  • Bridesmaid 1 and Groomsman 1
  • Bridesmaid 2 and Groomsman 2
  • Maid of Honour and Best Man
  • Bride and Groom

It is entirely up to the bride and groom as to whether or not they will have the same song as their bridal party or if they will go for a song just for their entrance with larger, more formal weddings often putting together an array of different songs for the different parts of the bridal party, mixing upbeat tempos with slow romantic classics.

When it comes to preparing for the big day, many wedding professionals advise that both the MC or DJ and the bridal couple set out a clear list of everyone in the bridal party, their title and their position in the order. Be sure to also give this to everyone in the bridal party so that they know where they have to be and at what time, to avoid a confusion before the introduction. As for the musical accompaniment, if you have any bands or strings organise they will no doubt have a selection of songs they can play for the introduction.

Yet for those that want to use popular songs to capture the moment, there are several different approaches. The time for the bridal party introduction will essentially be setting the mood for the reception, at least until the bar kicks in! So a couple should decide if they want it to be a formal affair or a time to celebrate and let everyone's hair down, remembering that the couple will want to use this time to reflect their own personality and their bridal party's.

This means the choice between slow-paced or fast-paced tempo songs. Fast-tempo songs are often a popular choice as it allows guests to applaud and make noise as the bridal party enters, creating an atmosphere of celebration. Some popular bridal party introduction songs include:

  • Get The Party Started - Pink
  • Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back
  • Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling
  • The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson

These songs are a great way to set the upbeat tone for a reception and break the "formal" atmosphere of the wedding ceremony. However, many bridal couples prefer to maintain a romantic and formal feel to their reception, and for their first entrance as husband and wife, with other slower, romantic songs being chosen for their official introduction. Some slow song suggestions include:

  • Moon River - Henry Mancini
  • Love Is All Around - Wet Wet Wet
  • What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
  • Wind Beneath My Wings - Bette Midler
  • You've Got A Friend - James Taylor

Yet what is emerging as a popular option is for the couple to use the bridal party introduction as the time to really show their personalities off and take advantage of the spotlight with unique music choices and dance moves. All it takes is a bit of creativity and the courage to pull it off, with some notable options being:

  • Star Wars Imperial March Theme
  • Mission Impossible Theme
  • Another One Bites the Dust - Queen
  • Austin Powers Theme Song
  • Jaws Theme Music
  • Thriller - Michael Jackson

If you are truly stuck as to what song to go for on your bridal party introduction, be inspired by the setting and venue and be practical. If you are simply walking in through wide doors then there should be no problem, yet if you are walking downstairs or across a slippery surface then perhaps limit the pace to cut down the risk of falling. Overall, the song choice for the bridal party introduction is one that should reflect the couple, their bridal party and the overall theme of the reception.


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