Brava is with you throughout your many life stages, especially the most important one – becoming a Mum. We have all that you need whether it be a plain, pretty or sexy maternity bra. We have the right maternity bra for you in cup sizes from D – J and back sizes 8 - 22. With the best maternity bra selection for bigger cups in Australia you will find one thats perfect for you.

During Pregnancy

Your body will change significantly, your breasts will increase, and they will feel heavier and more sensitive due to hormonal changes. Milk ducts are also going through a process of being activated and require unrestricted support to help them function.

Changing to a Maternity Bra

The right time for you to be fitted into a maternity bra is when your breasts begin to noticeably swell to the point that your existing bras no longer fit or become uncomfortable. This is usually towards the end of the first trimester and usually about the same time you are busting out of your jeans. A well fitting supportive maternity bra will relieve breast strain, allow for breast growth, provide much needed support and help you to feel more comfortable.

Maternity Bra Fittings

Your maternity bra should have wider under bust elastic for greater support around the diaphragm and wider shoulder straps, especially for larger cup sizes, to help provide support without strain on the back. If a maternity bra is purchased within a month of your due date it should be fastened to the loosest eyes when purchased, so that it can be tightened once the baby is born and the rib cage starts to return to normal. As a guide, you should be able to slide your hand into the upper section of the cup of your maternity bra to assess if there is enough room for expansion. However the lower cup should fit well for support. It should initially be fastened to a tighter setting allowing for your rib cage to expand. Although a maternity bra will have your changing needs incorporated into their design, it is important that the one you choose has enough flexibility to allow for fluctuations in your breast.

Wire-free Maternity Bra

We generally recommend you wear a wire-free maternity bra during your pregnancy until the end of the feeding period as an underwire may put pressure on the breast when it is fuller which can lead to blocked milk ducts or mastitis. Please Note: Maternity bras with special wires are now available from reputable bra specialists and have received acclaim from some Doctors, but please be guided by the advice of your physician.

Maternity Bra VS Nursing Bra

In Australia there is no difference between a nursing and a maternity bra, however European women will wear a maternity bra during pregnancy, which is the same as a nursing bra but without the clips.

Fitter's Comments:

  • It’s normal for your breasts to increase between 1 and 3 cup sizes and your ribcage to expand during pregnancy, so this means that not only a bigger cup size but also a bigger back size may be needed.
  • It’s important that you can fasten and unfasten the drop down clip with one hand while holding baby in the other arm.
  • The cups and straps should not slip while breastfeeding.

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