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Welcome to the Ultimate Sensuous Collection. Cassandras Collection Pty Ltd is an EXCITING and groundbreaking Company.


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Cassandra Daniells

Cassandra Daniells


Company Founder


A Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP), Performance Consultant, Master Results Coach, Sexuality and Sensuality Coach and Educator. Cassandra is passionate about Passion. Igniting passion in one area of your life will spark the flame in all other areas. Cassandra has three children one husband and an extremely busy lifestyle. Negative events in the past led Cassandra to this passion of helping women to embrace themselves first, to build self esteem through their sexuality and sensuality whilst setting boundaries in their lives and leading empowered relationships instead of disempowering ones. Through both Cassandras Formal and Informal education along with life experiences both negative and positive this has equipped her with the skills and tools to pass onto her CC & BLR family.

Natalie Trajcevski

Natalie Trajcevski


Company Founder


Natalie has spent the past 7 years, since her own marriage concluded, developing her understanding of how relationships should work. Embarking on a mission of curiosity, led her to learning about the complexities of relationships and how to avoid the obstacles in the future. Along her journey Natalie has become an internationally certified Results Acceleration Master Coach and Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP). Natalie is here helping you to achieve an abundance of excitement and fulfilment in your relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions


Founders of the company and the gals at the forefront are Cassandra Daniells and Natalie Trajcevski who are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to relationship, sensuality and sexuality advice. They are rapidly becoming known as the dynamic duo of the industry.

Between these vibrant ladies there is little they have not experienced, everything from abuse to divorce to hysterectomy’s to raising 6 children, to getting off track and most importantly to getting back on track.


What you will quickly discover is that CC’s mission is to empower you to embrace yourself first.

What you will learn is how to improve your Love Relationships

And here is something else exciting CC has a sister company – Better Love This is a unique combination of informative articles, trainings and events that support Cassandras Collection and it is within this combination where you will find your entire relationship needs to help you create the most amazing relationships EVER.


Because you deserve the best of the best and if you are happy and confident and are embracing yourself first then you will have an abundance of YOU to overflow into the lives of those most important to you.



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