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Your beautiful Wedding day starts with me. I will help you feel at ease and ensure that you and your bridal party have a day to remember.


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Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by Celebrity Hair and Makeup.

Sophi Faulkner (Foxtel) , Sydney
Lisa Soames has been doing my hair and makeup for the past 10 years. We have worked together on Wheel of Fortune, Great Outdoors, Commercials and photo shoots. She even did my Wedding! Lisa is an excellent hair and makeup artist and a lovely positive person to be around. I recommend her to other people all the time.
Monique Gunn , Sydney
A HUGE thank you for a wonderful job on my bridal hair and makeup. Not only were you professional, patient and talented at what you do, but you contributed to making the day so relaxed, fun and extra special. I highly recommend you to other soon to be brides!!
Sonia Kruger , Sydney
Lisa Soames is one of the most fabulous hair and makeup artists I've ever had the good fortune to work with. Her style can be classic or cutting edge ... Depending on what is required. Lisa's very versatile plus she has the ability to work in all mediums including print, film or television which means she is consistently in demand.
Kellie (Hi 5) , Sydney
I feel extremely fortunate to have worked with Lisa Soames over the last 10 years that I worked on Hi-5. Lisa was Head - Hair & Makeup on the show and I was lucky to have Lisa do my hair and makeup nearly everyday. I can honestly say I never had the same hair twice, which is a big call, saying we recorded over 450 Episodes. Lisa never ceased to amaze me with her creativity, passion and professionalism.
Katrina Warren ( Celebrity Vet - Dr Harry's Practice) , Sydney
Lisa has been my requested makeup artist for many years. I am always delighted with her ability to make me look fresh and natural no matter how I am feeling on the inside. Lisas positive energy rubs off on everyone she works with and she really influences the mood of the day in a wonderful way. She is also an amazing Multitasker- while making sure my hair is perfectly in place and my lips are glossy, she can somehow manage to wrangle pets and children at the same time.
Kathleen DeLeon (Hi 5) , Sydney
I have known Lisa since I first started the Channel 9 TV show HI-5 in 1998. Lisa is a colleague and now a great friend, has done my hair and make up over these years with such style and finesse. Each event and shoot we do together, Lisa brings her boundless and vibrant energy into the room. There is never a dull moment and her work is always at the top of her league. I can always look to Lisa for the latest in beauty and hair news and can always get great advice in pretty much everything! I look forward to when I can work with Lisa again.
Melinda , Sydney
Dear Lisa, Thankyou so much for your professionalism on the day. You were on time, a real laugh and made us all feel so relaxed. I have never felt more beautiful, than I did on my wedding day, and that was all because of your amazing work on my hair and makeup...neither of which moved the entire day, and I looked just as fresh faced at 11pm that evening as I did at 2.30pm before the ceremony! The girls looked divine and my mum... Well you made her look 10 years younger. I have recommended you to everyone I know getting married. You are fantastic! I can't thank you enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens transport wise? On the day of the trial my customers come to me whereas I come to them on the day of their wedding What happens if we have a large wedding party? If you have a large wedding party i am able to bring along an assistant who can help me What are your prices? Prices range between $100-150 maximum for hair and $100-150 maximum makeup, this will depend on what you are having done, which is generally decided upon during the trial


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