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Business Overview

Civil Celebrant Services Australia is owned and directed by Sue Sherratt who holds an Advanced Diploma of Celebrancy. Sue is a professional who has serviced the community for over 20 years in the provision of Healthcare Services Australia wide. Be Breast Aware and Make a Difference........... McGrath Foundation Sue knows personally the importance of being Breast Aware and the effect that Breast Cancer can have on lives of both men and women. Sue was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 1989, 21 years ago. Sues personal story can be found at I am so grateful that I was encouraged to be Breast Aware and it is for that very reason that Civil Celebrant Services Australia is proud to support the McGrath Foundation by donating 10% of the fee charged for all services. Fundraising will be effective from 1st June 2010, and run until 31st May 2011. The McGrath Foundation supports McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communitys right across Australia, and educates young women to be breast aware. For more information visit


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I attended a Wedding Ceremony conducted by Sue, she was very warm, welcoming and professional, i would recommend her for your wedding or any other occasion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I live quite a long way from Sydney and I'd really like to meet you first. That's quite OK and I'd like to meet you also. If you have a computer and webcam we can meet on the web through Skype. Skype is free to set up. For a Free account just visit My skype address is civil.celebrant I'd love to get married in Australia We'd love you to get married in Australia, thankyou for considering us. If you are visiting our shores and wish to take advantage of your holiday by marrying in Sydney, I will be only too pleased to be of help not just with a wedding ceremony but with advice relating to other requirements such as wedding coordinator, accommodation, photographer, videographer, florist, Sydney Harbour cruise, etc. The legal formalities are the same as for Australian couples, but we communicate via e-mails. However, this will not be a problem as I correspond with many couples who come from overseas and by the time we meet in person we feel we already know one another! Please email me as soon as you can at or skype me at civil.celebrant and we can talk to one another over the world wide web. Do I need a deposit? A non-refundable deposit will be required at the time of lodgement, which will secure your booking date and time. I was born overseas and have lost my birth documents? If born overseas and your birth documents have been lost or destroyed, I can help you with a Statutory Declaration. Do I need all my certificates before I meet you? It is not mandatory to have the above mentioned documents at the time of booking your celebrant, however they must be shown to the Celebrant before the wedding can take place. What if I've been married before? That's ok. In the case of a previous marriage, you will also need to furnish documentary evidence of how the marriage terminated i.e. divorce, or your partner may have passrd away. So you will need either the death certificate or divorce certificate. What if I'm a overseas visitor wanting to get married in Australia? For those born overseas a foreign passport is acceptable in lieu of birth certificate. Australian passports are not accepted if you were born in Australia you must have an Australian Birth Certificate. Please contact Sue for more information at What is a NOIM? A Notice of Intended Marriage Form (NOIM) can be downloaded from my website This form must be lodged with me a minimum of one month and a day prior to the wedding date and it remainis valid up to 18 months. When should I book my Celebrant? It is imperative that you book a Celebrant as soon as you have booked your venue, as good professional celebrants are booked out as much as 12 - 18 months ahead. Ring Sue on 0488 603 532


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Application for a Marriage Certificate in NSW

Application for a Marriage Certificate in NSW

Notice of Intended Marriage - NOIM

A Notice of Intended Marriage Form (NOIM) can be downloaded here: NIM. This form must be lodged with me a minimum of one month and a day prior to the wedding date and it remainis valid up to 18 months.

Information Kit from Civil Celebrant Services Australia

Attached you will find a information kit pertaing to your upcoming wedding

Interview Form - Civil Celebrant Services Australia

Attached is the Interview Form that needs to be completed concerning all the details of your upcoming wedding

Form 14A - Happily Ever After

Document outlining the obligations and consequences of marriage and stating the availability of marriage education and counselling

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