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164 Settlement Point Road, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

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Business Overview

Our speciality is listening to you and designing a package of services designed around your needs. We want your day to be special! We are experts at providing you with beautiful visual memories of your special day.


2 Customer Reviews

Andrew, we are so happy with your work. My parents in Canada were able to watch the slide show within a day of the wedding and I loved sharing the pics on Facebook the day after. Thank you so much for having had an "alternative" wedding shoot location in mind when we had such heavy rain. Crane Photography rocks!
Thank you for the best service. I felt really cared for and listened to when it came to my wedding day. Love the photos and the slide show that we put on our Facebook page within 24 hours of the wedding.

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Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by Crane Photography.

Jane , Coffs Harbour
Thank for helping make our day so special. We love the pictures and the canvas print is hanging on living room wall, constantly reminding me what this marriage means to me.
Jared , Newcastle
Crane Photography rocks! We were so impressed with the pictures we got. I expected my wife to look great but they made me look cool also!
Jan and Dave , Sydney
Crane Photography looked after us so well. Completely reliable and recommendable.
Craig and Jen , Sydney
Andrew didn't only take wonderful pictures of our day. He also helped us in so many other ways. I'll be using Crane Photography for our family portraits in about 9 months!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you shoot in colour or black and white? Or both The short answer is BOTH. We shoot in RAW. What that means in this digital era is that we capture the maximum amount of image related data our professional grade equipment can, each time we take a photograph. This enables us the greatest level of adjustment to colour and light levels in processing, meaning the images can be either or both colour and black and white when we present them to you. Are all the photos supplied in high resolution? Do we get the negatives? Yes! What you get is an archival quality DVD containing all the photos in high resolution. These are the digital negatives. We also give you free of extra charge a set of all your photos optimised for printing and another set optimised for emal and social media services like facebook. That's three complete sets, optimised for three purposes. Explanation: Genuine digital negatives are just too large to easily work with in email, facebook or most retail photo processors however you sill want to keep them because if you later want to print a really big enlargement, a canvas print or perform extensive editing you need the negative. To save you time, effort and money we give you three complete sets of all of your photos on disk. How much will it cost? Will I inccur additional hidden charges? It's no secret that many Photographers attempt to attract your attention with a cheap base package. Once you have agreed and paid a deposit you might find these operators offering you lots of 'so called' extra services. These all add up and before you know it your paying more than you expected and more than you would if you choose a professional who included those 'extras' as standard. Professionals such as Crane Photography charge for a professional service. If you can't afford a professional service be honest with yourself. Consider the possibility that you might spend hundreds of dollars on a 'cheap' photographer who may do a job a few interested friends with cameras could do better and for free. At Crane Photography you know what you will be paying, in writing. In fact we insist on it. You will receive a contract setting out agreements, including the fixed price. Sure we have extra services, but they don't include those that we believe a professional should provide as standard, such as post processing, archiving, a pre-wedding shoot, black and white negatives etc. You will be fully informed about what 'extras' we offer and their prices when you receive our contract, so you can be sure that you have absolute control over your budget.



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