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Cupcake Party

Address: Greenacre, NSW 2190



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Stunning cupcake towers, elegant wedding cakes, custom creations. We are a come to you service from consultation, tasting, graphic design, delivery and set-up. We aim to fit in around you and your needs.

Wedding cake? Kitchen-tea? Hen's night?

You want the cake of your dreams?

We are here to help for your very special day.

Cupcakes from $3.50ea.

Cakes from $150.

We understand that you have dreams and desires, we do as well... Our dream is to provide you with a cake to remember


6 July, 2010
Thank you so much for the amazing wedding cake, not only did it look spectacular but it tasted awesome too...
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Our Team Profiles


Naomi Elliott


Creative team member- company creator

Year Joined



Naomi loves cakes, she loves to create, & dream all things cake. Naomis favourite flavour cake is pink lemonade or chocolate. Naomi is bubbly, creative, and enjoys a challenge especially in cake form.


Bianca Panucio


Creative Team Member

Year Joined



Bianca is passionate, and creative with an attention to detail. Her favourite flavoured cake is coconut & lime. She is lovely, warm, friendly and vibrant.


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Albert & Katherine Li , Crowne Plaza, Baulkham hills
Hey Naomi we LOVED the beautiful cake!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ur amazing and extremely skilled in cake making and ur also such a lovely person! Thank you so much I am so glad I have picked u to make our wedding cake! Thank you :)
Penelope Batchell , Glebe
Woohoo! They were so yummy! Thanks again Naomi - everyone was raving about them. xxx
Anna Falkinder , Rozelle
Delicious! Naomi was punctual and charming in her delivery. The cupcakes were homely yet safisticated. Very reasonable price too. Home delivered cupcakes with gorgeous designs, couldn't get any easier!
Irena Tepavac , Bankstown
I just want to say a big thank you to Naomi. I am so happy with the cake i ordered. It was the most amaizing cake I've ever seen. You could tell it was made by someone who is so passionate about their work.Naomi was so flexible and understanding. I would be definatly coming back for some more!!!! Once again , thank you Naomi so much!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your terms for payments, what is your cancellation policy? Payment Conditions: A non-refundable deposit of twenty five percent (25%) of the quoted service fee is required to be received by Cupcake Party by direct credit into Cupcake Party’s nominated account only at time of booking to secure the customer’s requested date and time. Cupcake Party will not reserve your date and time until payment of deposit has been received. Payment of balance in full is required no later than five (5) business (Monday-Friday) days prior to your booked date by way of direct credit into Cupcake Party’s nominated account only. Cupcake Party reserves the right to cancel any booking (which will result in forfeiture of deposit) where balance payment in full has not been received five (5) business days prior to the booked date. Cash payments will not be accepted. Change of Date and Time Conditions: Where a change of date and/or time are requested by the customer after a booking has been made, Cupcake Party will, without any acceptance of liability, attempt to accommodate the customer’s request provided that the request is made no later than five (5) business days prior to the booked date. However, in the event that the customer’s requested alternative date and time can not be serviced by Cupcake Party the customer agrees that the non-refundable deposit shall be forfeited to Cupcake Party. No changes to date and time will be accepted within five (5) business days of the booked date except at the sole discretion of Cupcake Party. Cancellation Conditions: The customer agrees that all cancellations made at any time after booking shall be subject to forfeiture of deposit at the sole discretion of Cupcake Party. The customer agrees that if a cancellation is made within five (5) business days of the booked date then the customer shall forfeit fifty percent (50%) of the quoted service fee by way of a cancellation fee and any balance shall be refunded to the customer by Cupcake Party by way of direct credit into the customer’s nominated account within five (5) business days. Where a cancellation has to be made by Cupcake Party then the deposit and any balance paid shall be refunded in full to the customer by Cupcake Party by way of direct credit into the customer’s nominated account within five (5) business days. Short-term Booking Conditions: Any bookings made with less than five (5) business days notice requires payment by direct credit of the quoted service fee in full to secure the date and time and the customer agrees that payments made are subject to the cancellation conditions above. Cupcake Party will not reserve any new bookings within five (5) business days until payment in full has been received and Cupcake Party reserves the right to accept conflicting bookings, at its sole discretion, up until payment has been confirmed as received. Acceptance of these Conditions: The customer agrees to be bound by the conditions above upon payment of deposit/service fee. will you set-up and deliver my cake? Yes, eveything will be done for you so you dont have to worry on your special day, this is usually done 2 hrs before the reception starts, I will contact the venue and arrange a time that is suitable for all parties. Do you make un-decorated cakes? Yes we can bake cakes for you to decorate your self. My grandmother wants to make a cake to the family recipe, can you decorate it? yes absoulutely, if you want to bake the cake we are happy to decorate it. How do you stop a cake from collapsing? All our tiered cakes are doweled this supports each individual layer of cake which prevents it from collapsing. I have an allergy... Help? We make all our cakes form start to finish from scratch, so any allergies or dietry requirements can be met. Gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, vegan, halal