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Diamond Imports have acquired a near mythical status as Australia's number one leading diamond dealer. ALL OUR DIAMONDS ARE IN STOCK

Diamond Imports have acquired a near mythical status as Australia's number one leading diamond dealer...a genius with gems.

There are simply no bargains in diamonds and if there were, trust me, I would be the first to know. BEWARE of inexperienced diamond vendors without recognised credentials...

26 September, 2011
I just wanted to thank Daniel for his time, patience and advice when I was choosing my diamond. For anyone else looking for a genuine Diamond Merchant look no further. My advice is to get all your info together regarding the 4Cs and then browse the Diamond Imports Diamonds and pick out maybe 4 that match your criteria. Make an appointment to see Daniel and with his knowledge and expertise he will guide you through your diamond choices and help you to choose the best one for you. There is so much more to choosing a diamond than you would imagine! My diamond was set beautifully and Daniel you were right, the white gold was the way to go!!
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Pink diamond sells for record $46M at auction By Associated Press GENEVA (AP) — A rare pink diamond smashed the world record for a jewel at auction Tuesday, selling for more than $46 million to a well–known gem dealer

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Diamonds: Is there such a thing as 'a deal'?

Diamonds: Is there such a thing as 'a deal'?

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Luxury Versus Commodity




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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find someone trustworthy ? The Diamond Pretenders~ In the last two months since the inevitable demise of the unercapitalised and insolvent Diamond Exchange Ltd in Australia, that dominated the online diamond market without ever carrying the amount of diamonds they falsely advertised to the gullible public, what has changed ? Not much but only the methods are becoming slightly more sophisticated by those online diamond vendors pretending to be diamond experts many without any diamond credentials or pedigree. Ask yourself this. Can any of us become doctors or lawyers overnight ? In more simple terms if there was one obvious lesson learnt from those poor folk who lost both their money and their dignity in the Diamond Exchange Ltd hoax, it was that anyone with a computer could claim to be a diamond expert/ dealer/ vendor/ jeweller etc. When cruising the internet I have yet to find one single genuine diamond stockist. Nothing has changed except for the rare websites that have become more polished and sophisticated in their online presentation. But on further examination all the online diamond vendors claiming, if not almost boasting that they carry the very best diamonds with years of experience, nothing could be further from the truth. The fact that trade organisations continue to allow their members to falsely promote themselves as diamond experts with virtual diamonds proves that the lesson and risks have still not been learnt is both shameful and completely dishonest. Jewellery and diamond trade organisations constantly state by belonging to one of their impotent organisations that they are protecting both the interests of their members by promoting consumer confidence and integrity in the competative luxury goods market and that diamonds have a special place superior to none. Yet look at the calibre of diamond salesman ever present when an innocent consumer prepares to take the plunge. It's a rare person who is not already suspicious before commencing the diamond buying journey and may I say rightly so. With that many shysters and uneducated diamond vendors around you can not blame anyone for not exercising due diligence. I doubt this suspicion will ever be eradicated but it could be minimised if those who sell diamonds actually tell the truth and be themselves instead of trying to be something they are not. Fortunately the buying public has become more street savvy than in the past but there are still plenty of those who have still not figured out yet that close to 99.99% of all online diamond websites are an illusion to convince you that they are genuine diamond merchants WITH NO REAL DIAMONDS THEY REALLY OWN. Yes they might carry a few token diamonds in their offices during a consultation but more than likely most pull out their trusty cubic zirconia diamond look-a-likes showing what a particular diamond size is then proceed to convince you to buy a similar size diamond in the budget you can afford. Are people really that stupid ? Yes they are ! In the excitment of making an emotional decision most starry-eyed couples are incapable of taking the time to get to know who the diamond vendor really is. One question rarely asked to help determine diamond competence is: How would you describe the quality of the cut of this diamond(s)? Professional diamond salespeople are able to compare diamonds with poor and mediocre cuts with those that are well cut and explain why any cut is inferior or superior. It is not sufficient for a diamond vendor to simply describe a diamond as a fine make or a poor cut. Anybody can read the clarity or colour grade indicated on a diamond grading report but it takes skill and experience to provide information and understanding about cut quality just by looking at a diamond. Competent diamond vendors or retail jewellery salespeople should be able to volunteer a variety of information about the loose certified diamonds and rings in their store. If a salesperson can't do this, then ask if there is somebody more knowledgeable who could assist you. The more informed and knowledgeable the salespeople are, the more capable they are of helping you make a wise choice. But you can only do this if the diamonds are in stock ! Diamond Imports support ethical and fair trading of diamonds. Before deciding to view any of our diamonds we suggest you shop around at other diamond vendors first, checking their credentials if any, and insist on copies of the recognised diamond certificates or grading reports with the prices including GST as a point of reference. Do this before you leave their premises otherwise you will simply forget. If this information is not readily available do not waste your time and leave immediately. You will hear many conflicting stories all with hidden agendas but please do not become discouraged. It's all part of the learning process. Not all diamond grading laboratories grade the same and unfortunately there is no protection for you as a consumer. Visual loose diamond comparisons, NOT price match comparisons, are essential whenever possible. Beware of Cheap Diamonds Remember: Low price doesn’t necessarily mean a good deal BEWARE of inexperienced diamond vendors without recognised credentials hiding behind inaccurate or exaggerated diamond certificates seeking false credibility or members of jewellery trade organisations that offer you no consumer protection. Unlike many other diamond vendors all our diamonds advertised are in stock unless marked sold. All our superior loose certified diamonds are exclusive to our website. You will not see our diamonds on any other website, at any other store or diamond vendor. We do NOT consign diamonds, we do NOT sell anyone else's diamonds and all diamonds listed are owned by us. There are no hidden costs such as middle man broker fees, commissions or ridiculous retailers' profit margins most of whom offer you no duty of care or genuine professional advice. We have no arguments with " competitors " who charge less. They know their level of diamond expertise and what their diamonds are worth. Daniel F KatzProudly NOT a member of the Jewellers Association of Australia Experienced Jeweller Diamond Imports Pty Ltd Graduate Gemologist GIA Diamond Specialist & Diamantaire Gemological Institute of America Alumni Association Member # 4833090 Member of the Jewelers Ethics Association USA Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia (DCLA)Trustmark Jeweller Foundation Member of the Diamond Dealers Club of Australia ( Resigned )