Dolce Musica (Harp And Violin Duo)

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46 Kertes Rd, Camira QLD 4300

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Dolce Musica is family business capable of providing the music you require for your special event!


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Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by Dolce Musica (Harp And Violin Duo).

Advisers and Friends Committee, House Administration, Historic Ormiston House. , Brisbane
Many thanks to Dolce Musica for the delightful performance for “Music Beneath the Stars”. Your contribution to the performance helped to make this year’s event one of the most successful ever. Responses have been enthusiastic and complimentary.
Monica and Jamie , Brisbane
Thank you for your friendly and professional service leading up to and including our wedding day 25 Aug 2006 and many thanks for the beautiful music.
Nick and Marianne , Toowoomba
Dear Joan & Dianne We wish to write and thank you both for playing at our wedding in Toowoomba on Saturday 20th May 2006. Numerous guests and one vicar commented on your beautiful music, and how your playing at both the church and the reception made the day enchanting. We were only sorry we could not listen to more.


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