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Address: 826 Hunter St Newcastle NSW 2300


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There are so many wedding DJs, musicians and bands out there - how do you know which ones are professional, reliable, and will suit your budget and tastes best? How do you know what's good value? EAO Entertainment will help you answer these questions and narrow down the perfect entertainment choice for your big day - then help you book it in and iron out all the finer details such as song choice, performance times etc! Call or email our professional consultants today to find out more about what fun and special memories live entertainment can bring to your big day, and how EAO can make the booking process simple and easy for you!

The magic & excitement of live entertainment will make your wedding an exquisite experience you'll cherish forever!

EAO Entertainment understands that every couple has a unique vision of what their special day should be - we offer customised entertainment ideas, from DJs to live bands to...

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Business Hours

Monday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Thursday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm


Choosing your Special Moment Songs

choosing your wedding songs

How do live music Wedding Reception performances work?

how do live music performances work


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Phil and Melanie Kiehne , Peppers Convent, Hunter Valley
.....Thanks again for your excellent assistance in organising and helping us choose the music for our Wedding - you have been a pleasure to deal with......
Jacquilene Smith , Vineyards Estate, Hunter Valley
Thank you again. It has been a wonderful experience working with you on the entertainment for our wedding. Your efficiency, customer service focus and attention to detail have been exemplary.
Stewart Rodham , Wandin Valley Estate, Hunter Valley
... I thought that I would just drop you a quick line to thank you (and of course Brendan) for the music on our special day. In relation to EAO, I found communications and booking a breeze with yourself, with reliable information and understanding in any delays from our end. You both played a large part in creating our perfect day for which we are extremely grateful. Have a great Christmas and we hope to have the occasion to "do business" again some time in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a band? The below, easy to follow, step-by-step guide will take care of that and will bring out the fun side of adding entertainment to your special event. * 1. CONTACT - Contact a friendly EAO consultant. You can do this via phone or our online enquiry form (click through to our website > Weddings > Online Enquiry) * 2. BRIEF - Your consultant will take a "brief" from you about what you want, like and need for your event (they'll ask you about musical style, budget, size of act, location and times - they can help you with anything you are unsure of). * 3. RESEARCH & OPTIONS - Your consultant will go away, do some research and come back to you with a tailored selection of options. This takes out all the hard work for you - they're experienced & knowledgeable and can narrow down the hundreds of options out there to a handful that fit your requirements. * 4. BROWSE - You can then browse through the bios, photos and song lists, listen to audio samples and/or go and view the acts perform live. * 5. GIVE FEEDBACK - Give your consultant your feedback - do you want to book one of the options presented? Want more ideas? Need more time? Need help working out which option is best for you? Your consultant will help you with whatever you need. * 6. BOOK - Once you've decided on the perfect entertainment, tell your consultant straight away. This is to avoid your choice being booked by anyone else on your function date. They can get your booking underway to ensure that this doesn't happen. * 7. ONGOING ASSISTANCE - Your consultant will continue to work with you right up until your big day to ensure that all details are sorted so that you can enjoy your special event without having to worry. We look forward to hearing from you! What happens if my chosen act cancels? DJs and live musicians very occasionally have to cancel performances; serious illness or a change in circumstances of the act (eg the lead singer moves overseas or falls pregnant) are the two main reasons. Most acts are very scrupulous and would only cancel if they really can't avoid it; they understand how important your special day is. A very small number of acts take a more 'relaxed' approach however, and aren't bothered by the consequences of cancelling at short notice. A professional agency knows which acts fall into which category (and we avoid the latter ones!). So, it's a good idea to book your wedding entertainment through an agency to ensure you are booking a reputable, professional act that values your wedding. If your chosen act has to cancel for an unavoidable reason, eg due to serious illness, your EAO Consultant will immediately start work on sourcing you a replacement act. Your Consultant has nation-wide contacts, and will be endeavouring to find an act that is as close as possible in style, size, cost etc to what you originally had booked. EAO provides not only assistance in the lead up to your day, but also on-call emergency service on the day itself for any entertainment emergencies. Please rest assured it's rare that an act cancels, so there's every chance you won't need to worry about the above! Why does EAO need a copy of my wedding runsheet or schedule? We request this so we can make sure that the times you've booked in perfectly match up with your formalities etc. And we can suggest changes if needed! We understand that most couples haven't booked live entertainment before, so it's our job to make sure there are no details missed with your entertainment booking :) Can my chosen band learn a song for me? Many acts are happy to learn a new song, usually for the couple's Bridal Waltz, if given enough notice. We would usually ask you to email us an mp3 of the song so we can forward it to the artist, and they'll let us know if the track is fine to learn! Is there a deposit to pay? Yes there is usually at least one deposit, sometimes two, depending which act you book. We will let you know the amount(s) at the time of booking so you have a clear idea of what needs to be paid when. Do I need to provide a meal and drinks for the entertainer? Usually yes, if they're there for a period of 4 - 5 hours or more. Usually a crew or supplier meal is fine, and not as dear as a guest meal! The food and refreshments just help the artist keep their energy level up to deliver and awesome night of fun for you and your guests. If I book a live act (eg a soloist or band) do I need to book a DJ to play in the breaks? No definitely not - live musical acts bring their own recorded break music. Most are also very happy to play any break music you give them, if you want to create your own break music compilation! We just need to ensure it's in the right format beforehand (ie CD versus iPod or mp3 player). Can DJs and live musical acts perform both dinner music and dance music? All DJs can, and most live musical acts can too! We will take a brief from you when you contact us, to find out what you need, and will make sure that the entertainers we suggest to you can fulfil your needs. How should I contact EAO? You're welcome to email, telephone or make an appointment to come in and see one of our Consultants, whichever suits you best! Our contact details are included on this webpage.