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29 Northgrove Drive, Griffith_ NSW 2680

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Fun and Funky Photobooths is based in Griffith, NSW and specialises in Photobooths.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FuN and FunKY Photo Booth?

FuN and FunKY Photo Booth is a standalone Photo Booth. It’s easy-to-use, designed for parties, weddings, events or any celebration. It’s the perfect alternative to expensive photo booth rentals.

Tell me more about FuN and FunKY Photo Booth?

You don’t sit in it. You don’t draw a curtain. You just stand in front of it, touch the screen to begin and pose. Up to ten people can be in the photo.

How does it work?

Just walk up to the FuN and FunKY Photo Booth, touch the screen and smile for four different photos. It’s that easy. Try keeping still during countdown for best results and wait for your print to arrive in 3 seconds. FuN and FunKY Photo Booth faces a wall which is used as a background. We can also supply a backdrop is required at no extra cost.

How do I hire FuN and FunKY Photo Booth?

You need to pay a $100 deposit to lock in the date you wish to hire FuN and FunKY Photo Booth. The balance owing can be paid before the event or on the night. Deposit is non refundable. If your event is cancelled for any reason and the deposit has been paid. It can be used for your next booking.

How far do you travel & is there a delivery fee?

Yes, we do travel so call us and we can work out a cost for you.

How does delivery and pick up work?

FuN and FunKY Photo Booth will be delivered and set up one hour prior to booking. One person will stay and assist throughout the night. When it’s time to pack up, the photo booth can be wheeled away and dismantled away from the main party area (if possible).

Can I use FuN and FunKY Photo Booth outdoors?

FuN and FunKY Photo Booth was designed to be used indoors and outdoors.

Can I create a custom frame?

Yes, custom frames are designed to commemorate each special event for free. Includes logo.

What do you receive?

On the night of the event, photos are printed up straight away on 6?x4? photographic paper. Visit our gallery to view various designs used for different events. After the event we will post out a CD with each individual photo taken as a digital file along with the files of the photos printed on the night. Allow up to a week to receive CD.

Does FuN and FunKY Photo Booth only print in Black & White?

No. You can choose to have photos printed in colour or black and white by the push of a button. We can also set up the photo booth to print only in B&W by request.

Do you have props?

FuN and FunKY Photo Booth now supplies props, for even more fun at no extra cost. Hats, wigs, glasses, boas, and lots more.


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