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Heather Sellick Bridal & Formal Couture

Address: 4 Ti-Tree Court Kilsyth VIC 3137


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Beautiful Custom Made Gowns to your design, & a specialty service of Bridal Redesign and Alterations to vintage & pre-purchased Gowns.

Heather's Bridal design business is all about you...

Whether you are after

  • a gorgeous Custom Made Bridal gown you can design & create together,
  • or you have a pre purchased Gown that requires alterations,
  • or a vintage Gown you would like redesigned with a modern edge,
  • or your bridesmaids...
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Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by Heather Sellick Bridal & Formal Couture.

cassie ,
11th May 2011 12:30 pm Altered a dress superbly on short notice for a wedding in another state. Most happy with the speed and quality of service ........................................ 8th May 2011 6:40 am Heather is very experienced and helpful. She gave a lot of advice and recommendations and worked around my short timelines! Highly recommend! ......................................... 28th April 2011 11:39 am I had purchased a dress that was too small, and way too showy in the front - as well as being too long etc as my wedding dress. I found Heather via the internet and felt comfortable with her from the first time I met with her. She did an amazing job on my dress and made it into my dream dress for my wedding. She is obviously talented in what she does and is very knowledgeable - my dress was a linen/gold thread weave and she worked well with this tricky fabric! I would not hesitate to recommend Heather to those who are looking at getting a special dress made, or tailored to fit. My only complaint was that she was located so far away from where I live, and from the Melbourne CBD - but the quality of her work made this a non-issue for me - happy to travel when I am getting what I want! ......................................................... 15th April 2011 3:45 pm Heather fixed my wedding dress when it was not looking all that great. She fixed the dress so it fit perfectly which was great for someone like me who is a bigger girl and struggles for feel great about any article of clothing, but now i feel like a princess. Thank you for your care and advice. You are simply amazing. ................................................. 12th April 2011 2:03 pm i had my wedding dress made by Heather and i couldn't be happier!!!!!! on the first fitting i had with her the dress fitted perfectly, when i called asking if i could make a few tweaks with the final design Heather was wonderful and did them straight away followed by a phone call to reassure me everything went to plan. Highly recommended and her dress skills are beyond excellent!!!! so happy with the final product and she is just generally a lovely person to deal with!!!!! thank you!!!! ................................................ 12th January 2011 4:43 pm Heather was fantastic. I took a sketch of the wedding dress I wanted and a fabric sample (silk velvet) and she made some fantastic suggestions to improve my design. She then took my measurements and made the dress with three fittings. I was very nervous as silk velvet is probably one of the hardest fabrics you could sew and is not a fabric that you can rip out the seam and stitch again if you make a mistake. Heather did a wonderful job, and also agreed to make my bridesmaids dress at the last minute. Having made my flower girls dress myself out of the same fabric, I know how hard the velvet was to sew and I'm sure Heather earned every dollar that she charged me. She also did a wonderful job making a wedding dress for my bridesmaid which was also on very short notice. .............................................. Reviews: 129 Compliments: 6 9th December 2010 7:55 pm Having had my dressmaker quit on me just before my wedding, I jumped on the phone and found Heather. She got to making my dress very quickly and completely to my directions. I was really happy with her professional manner. The dress itself was lovely and she was very helpful in getting me to choose suitable fabrics etc. Her prices are reasonable and she has lots of experience. Heather works out of her home and has a studio downstairs. It has a homely feel, but you are guaranteed to get a beautiful dress for a good price. ............................................. 11th December 2009 11:11 pm Heather was fantastic. I had a very stressful service experience with the store that I bought the dress from, that I found Heather's alternation service not only individual, highly expertised, flexible, and also relaxed. Heather is so knowledgable in traditional dress making that she made two of my dresses look tailor made. Her workshop is at her home, so she is not restricted by business operating hours, or store policies. She is very flexible based on your needs. You can tell Heather prides on her trade. Overall I was extremely happy with the outcome (this may have possibly been because my previous experience was so poor). Because she is quite good, I think you do pay for it. But her prices where not unreasonable, and she gives obligation free quotes. My friend ended up going to Heather as well, similarly very pleased with the result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located and how flexible are your appointment times? Heather's Studio is located in the Outer Eastern Suburbs, in Kilsyth. From the city, you will need to allow about 45min, using the Eastern freeway, and Citylink as a very direct route. To accomodate, Heather is available for client appointments: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday till 6pm, and Saturdays, all by appointment only. Saturdays are particularly busy with often 15 appointments booked, so planning is essential please! How long do you need? It is always better to have your initial consultation earlier than later. Most girls are trying to lose weight, or keep hoping that they will "find" something, or maybe have just had a baby, and before they know it, it is only a few months till your Wedding! Your early meeting will ensure Heather can help you, and of course, depending on your needs, all your fittings will be made to meet them as closely as possible. With an average of 80 Gowns in progress at any given time, the earlier you can call, the better! For a Gown to be custom made, please allow as long as possible, though 4-6 months should be fine. For pre purchased Bridal Gowns to be altered, again as long as possible, but a minimum of 6-8 weeks generally apply. Availability will obviously depend on Heathers availability, and the time of year, so please call sooner than later to avoid disappointment! I would love to wear a vintage Gown I have, but it needs repair and modernising a little. Can you help? Bridal "redesign" is a wonderful new trend that Brides are embracing. And there is nothing more warming to the heart than sharing the memories or joy for both the previous owner and the recipient of a beautifully kept Gown. However, the passage of time may require some special care, and Heather understands the full responsibility of caring/repairing a special Gown. Redesigning it a little, to keep the essence of the Gown, but redesigning to be appropriate for today, also required experience and skills, and is something Heather loves to share. So yes, your Gown is in very safe hands. I have bought a Gown online, but it doesn't fit very well and the lace hem is too long. Help! The biggest fear every woman has, is that in needing alterations, will this be visible, and in fact "look altered?" There is no problem in resizing your Gown, especially if it is on the larger side, than smaller, though it may still be possible to enlarge, depending on the design. As a patternmaker with 27 years experience, there is zero risk that when altered, your Gown will appear altered at all. Removing and reappliqueing lace and delicate fabrics, is something Heather is well used to. Your alteration questions and a fixed quote will be presented at your initial obligation free consultation for your consideration, and fittings/payments will be done appropriately to suit your Wedding date. I want a dress made, but where do I start?! Heathers suggestion is always to have a look online for design elements you like - perhaps the neckline of one, the skirt of another, and maybe the train of a third. Try some Gowns on to assess how full you may like them, colours that flatter and so on, and collect all the ideas together. You will find there is a common theme, and from there, at your initial obligation free appointment, Heather will be able to help you refine the design idea's to one that is absolutely perfect for you! What sort of budget do I need for a "custom made" Gown to be made? Within every design, there are always options to be flexible with your budget. The "basic" design, the silhouette, is the basis of your design. But the degree of detailing, different types of fabrics, hand beading, the number of layers of fabric and so on, will dictate your quote as much as the basic design. So there is always flexibility within every design. However, generally, most Gowns will be between $1750 and $2750, including your fabrics. I have an idea for my Bridal Gown, but how can I be sure it will suit me?! When you come to Heather's Studio for your totally obligation free consultation, Heather will be able to guide you and refine your design based on your figure, your colouring (as a Colour consultant), your budget, and the theme for your Wedding, with no problem at all. Her aim is for you to have the most flattering and gorgeous Gown that represents "you", so please don't be too concerned! There mere fact that you love the idea, probably means it will suit you! What exactly is "Custom Made"? Having a Gown "Custom made" means your Gown is made specifically to your personal measurements, and your design is one that is created together - based on your ideas, and Heathers advise and expertise, to create your "perfect" Gown!