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Address: Moorooka, QLD 4105

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Your wedding video needs a woman's touch.

Every wedding is unique and we create a wedding video that not only captures your special day but also reflects your personality. We use between 2 and 3 cameras to capture the whole ceremony, speeches and bridal waltz. For the rest of your day we use one or two camera operators, allowing us to...

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Our Team Profiles

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Julia Lewis


Founder / Director

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Julia Lewis, Director, BA (Hons) Film, TV & Media Studies has over 14 years of experience working in Sydney, London and Brisbane as a Producer and Editor. She has worked on a wide range of productions including documentaries, corporate productions and television commercials, as well as producing wedding videos.


How to choose a great videographer for my wedding day

Not all videographers are the same and there are a number of things to think about when trusting someone to film your wedding.


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Elly & Glenn , Brisbane
“As you know, my parents (especially Dad) were very anti me going to expense of having a wedding video. So you can imagine how happy I felt when my Dad was watching the wedding video on the weekend and his eyes were shining with tears as he watched the last moments of the video which had me and Dad dancing to the father-daughter dance. He then turned to me and told me that I was right and he was wrong and he was so glad I did not listen to him. Thank-you so much for making such a wonderful memory for us that we can treasure always and thank you so much for providing the moment between Dad and I that I will never forget.”
Lote & Rebekka Tiquiri , Lewis
We were very satisfied with our video. Julia was friendly, relaxed and easy to work with."
Melanie & Mark Cormack , lewis
"We have watched the DVD and were absolutely thrilled. You did such an amazing job! To add to that our parents and family loved the whole production and cannot stop talking about it. Thank you sooo much for making our day so special and to have it recorded in such a professional way adds to the magic of reliving such a special day."

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need 2 cameras or 1 camera to capture our wedding day? We recommend 2 cameras and 2 videographers if you are having more than 150 guests or you are getting married in a large Cathedral or church. Otherwise 1 videographer is usually enough to capture all of the important events on the day (although we usually have a second camera set on a tripod for a wide shot in the ceremony). Do you allow us to make changes to the final edited video? Yes we provide you with a draft of your wedding video and you can make changes to this. Will you attend our rehearsal? Even though we have shot at most churches in Brisbane, we do our best to attend rehearsals to ensure that there will be no problems on the day and as a courtesy to the cleric, or officiant. Do you use those annoying lights? Our low light cameras allow us to video without the need for additional lighting. Where the lighting will have an impact on creating a natural looking image (such as candlelight), we use highly diffused lighting that doesn't make your guests squint or create those unflattering shadows.