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Linda Gorringe Couture

Address: The Block Arcade, 100 Elizabeth St Melbourne CBD VIC 3000


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Beautiful designer couture, made-to-order and ready-to-wear wedding gowns made here in Melbourne. With our dedicated professional staff and expert couturiers, we'll help you to a confident decision, to relax and enjoy the making of your gown, and to feel absolutely beautiful and confident as you walk down the aisle.

Stylish, Glamorous & Fun - For over 20 years, Linda and her dedicated professional team have assisted Brides fulfill their wedding dreams, in a most relaxing and fun way (as we believe all your wedding preparations should be).

View our beautiful ranges of Couture, Made-to-Order and...

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Business Hours

Monday10:00am to 5:30pm
Tuesday10:00am to 5:30pm
Wednesday10:00am to 5:30pm
Thursday10:00am to 7:00pm
Friday10:00am to 5:30pm
Saturday 9:30am to 4:00pm

Payment Options

  • Cash
  • Amex
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Eft
  • Eftpos


Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by Linda Gorringe Couture.

Rebecca , Melbourne


 I enjoyed the time that was taken to show me the dresses & re-pin some that I had a preference for.

I'm considering two of them and just having a think at the moment. I own a Hair Salon (Confidente) one block away in Royal Arcade and we offer a similar boutique one on one service so it was lovely to receive the same attention. I will be recommending your Boutique to my clients.


Kind Regards


Lucy , Melbourne

Fantastic Customer Service, always felt very welcome and nothing was ever a problem.


Quality Excellent Appeal Excellent Service Excellent

I don't think that Excellent is a good enough rating for Linda Gorringe. Linda Goringe was the first place I visited while wedding dress shopping and I found the dress I wanted immediately. Even after going to other dress shops to compare, I had already made up my mind.  The dress and the service has been AMAZING and Linda and everyone there have been fantastic. The service is personal and friendly and they really make you feel like a princess. This is probably the first time ever that I haven't suffered buyers remorse as I know I couldn't have gotten a better dress. It is just gorgeous, and it fits perfectly. Linda is also very fussy about making sure the dress is perfect before you walk out the door to the extent that there can be no lose threads and you can't take the dress before trying it on with your shoes.  Everyone on the wedding day commented all day and night on how stunning the dress was and strangers kept approaching me in the street to tell me how beautiful the dress was as well.  I couldn't recommend this place enough - just fabulous.

Google User

Overall Excellent

I found my PERFECT dress at Linda Gorringe. From my very first visit there I felt privilaged to recieve such a beautiful and special experience in all ways. The staff are so warm and professional, I couldn't believe when I tried on the dress that I had found it at last. You are marvels Linda Gorringe!

Google User

Overall Excellent

SUCH A LOVELY PLACE! the team were so helpful and kind, they were not aloof or stuffy in any way. Very very helpful! Loved my experience here!!


Thank you Linda and your staff for helping me find the perfect wedding gown. From the moment I entered the doors and tried on your gowns I knew I didn't have to look any further. The most pleasant part of the experience was feeling like I could trust the opinions of the staff and have 100% faith that my dress was going to be just what I wanted. The most difficult part of the whole experience was only being able to choose one!! The service that Linda and her girls offered was first class and I would recommend to anyone looking for something spectacular on their special day!! I am in love with my dress and can not wait to wear it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed a second appointment? Sometimes you'll put on a gown and immediately be so confident in the selection that you're prepared to order it there and then. This is a delightful result for all concerned but somewhat rare. We usually expect you'll want to come back for a second visit to take a closer look at a particular gown, or to have an important person assist with your choice. We welcome a subsequent visit for this reason, so recommend that booking a second consultation may be more helpful than trying to do too much first time out. By that stage we hope for you to be quite confident in your selection of gown. Does Linda Gorringe Couture charge for appointments? We do not charge for your first two appointments to try-on gowns. By that stage we hope for you to be quite confident in your selection of gown. For the third and each subsequent appointment there is a $120 charge, payable in advance, but fully redeemable on your gown order. Careful and considerate use of your time and ours enables us to keep the cost of our products and services at a reasonable level. Car Parking & Public Transport As always in the city on-street parking is very difficult to find and usually limited to 1 hour or less. On Saturdays the best car park is just across Elizabeth Street at The Galleria ($12.00 all day, as of Sept 2012). Enter from Elizabeth St between Little Collins & Bourke Streets. During the week the best car park is the City Square car park, next to The Westin Hotel on Flinders Lane between Russell and Swanston Sts (on weekdays and weekends $2.50 per half hour for the 2 hours then $8, $10, $12 for the 3rd, 4th, & 5th hours respectively) and is only a short walk down Collins Street to The Block Arcade. The closest train station is Flinders Street and trams operate on all major city streets. Studio Location & Access Linda Gorringe Couture is located at the Elizabeth Street entrance of The Block Arcade (up one flight of stairs from street level) at 100 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. Our entrance doorway is located just outside the sliding glass doors to the Block Arcade and you will need to come up the one flight of stairs. Please note that due to the age and nature of the building there is NO LIFT ACCESS to the Studio itself. If you are likely to have difficulty with the stairs please let us know when making the appointment and we will do our best to assist you. How can I be confident that everything will be delivered on time and as ordered? The reality is there is always some risk associated with a purchase where the product is to be delivered at a future date. Think about having a house built. Indeed this risk applies to all of your wedding arrangements. Will the flowers be delivered, will I like the cake etc etc.? The best way to be confident on these issues is to research the track record of each supplier and the standing of the supplier in the industry. Talk to other brides, search the internet, and evaluate the information as pragmatically as you can. Linda Gorringe Couture was established by Linda in 1991 and has grown successfully since then based on the outstanding track record and consequent earned reputation. This is a familiy business supported by a fantastic team. We strive every day to enhance the business through better customer service, outstanding designs, and a faultless track record of delivering your gorgeous gown. Our reputation is simply too important to risk! Our very existence depends upon it. Payment Options & Terms? We accept cash, EFTPOS, cheques, (except where clear funds are required eg. on collection) and Mastercard, Visa, and Amex with no surcharge. We're also happy to receive payments by electronic funds transfer (phone or internet banking). Accounts details will be provided on request. Lay-by is available on any garment, including Ready-to-Wear wedding gowns, fashion and evening wear, and all jewellery and accessories with a 50% deposit and 10 week terms. Orders of new Ready-to-Wear garments, including Ready-to-Wear wedding gowns, fashion and evening wear, require a 50% deposit with full payment to be made on completion. Completion means when the garment is finished in the standard size (refer above for discussion about the Ready-to-Wear versus Made-to-Measure process). If alterations are required we will assess and quote these for you. Before the garment is altered it must be fully paid for and a 50% deposit on the alterations paid. Made-to-Measure gowns require a 30% deposit and progress payments with each fitting. Please be aware that most banks have a daily limit (usually $1,000) on EFTPOS transactions (from Savings or Cheque). What happens when I order? Once you've decided to order we ask you to provide some information and details about the wedding (the obvious stuff like date, locations etc). For Made-to-Measure gowns, or Ready-to-Wear gowns where there are significant variations to the standard gown, we provide a detailed description of the gown in a letter that is jointly signed by us both. This serves as an important reference point given the long time periods involved. We provide a Fittings Schedule for your planning purposes (the timing of these fittings can be flexible if required). We tentatively schedule these appointments in our Calendar and confirm the appointment closer to the date. The Fittings Schedule sets out requirements for each stage of the process. We have a professional point of sale system with which to manage your account. Of course you receive proper receipts and you may enquire about, or request a copy of, your account at any time. All paperwork is presented to you in a folder with a selection of vouchers (Alan Pinkus) and other useful information to assist with planning your wedding. I'm pretty sure I've decided on my gown. When do I need to order? The short answer is "when you're ready". However, some stores will require your order a minimum of six months prior to the wedding. At Linda Gorringe Couture we recommend approximately six months for a Made-to-Measure gown and 4 months for a Ready-to-Wear gown. This is simply based on a suggested schedule of one fitting a month. This provides a relaxed, flexible timetable for us all to work with. But don't worry if your wedding is sooner. As indicated above, we regularly assist brides with shorter dated weddings. What is the difference between the Couture (Made-to-Measure) Collection and the Ready-to-Wear Collection? Made-to-Measure and Ready-to-Wear refer to the different processes involved in making your gown. Made-to-Measure involves making a completely new gown for you through approximately five fittings. As such it is a very time intensive process, for both us and you, and therefore more costly. Gowns in our Couture Collection are more complex in construction and cannot easily be altered when completed and so are not offered as Ready-to-Wear. Our Ready-to-Wear Collection are gowns made to a standard size (6, 8, 10, 12, 14 etc.) and may require alteration to achieve your desired fit. We offer this process as it assists in keeping the cost of the gowns to a more manageable level through limiting the amount of time required for completion of the gown. If you are close to a standard size or want to keep the process simple then this option may well suit you. You may choose to have one of our Ready-to-Wear designs made-to-measure if you desire that process. Please note that we charge an additional $1,000 (including GST) to do so. I'm planning to lose weight. Is that a problem? No, let us know and we can work with you. However, it's certainly easier and more convenient for you if you can achieve your target weight and shape not later than 3 months prior to the wedding. Womens' bodies can change shape enough naturally without pre-wedding diet and exercise programs. Please be aware that if, after completion of the gown, your shape changes further, you will likely incur additional alteration charges. Can I take photos as I'm trying on gowns? We do not allow photography or sketches of our gowns. It is unlikely you will be allowed to take photos at any bridal store so please make sure your guests are also aware of this to avoid disappointment or embarrassment. If available we can let you know where there is a published image of the gown you are interested in. Once you have placed a deposit on your wedding gown we will be happy to provide images and sketches. What should I bring to the appointment? You do not really need to bring anything to your appointment. Our private fitting rooms have a selection of sample shoes to try on with the gowns. Most of our gowns have boning and moulded bra cups, so bridal lingerie is not necessary, however, if you have a large bust or are otherwise self-conscious, you may choose to wear your bra throughout the appointment. You will not need to wear particular underwear, but wear something you feel comfortable in. Seamless underwear is preferable for slinky gowns. Please do not bring food or drinks into our studio. If you are keeping a file of pictures and ideas, please bring this along as it will help us to get an idea of the sorts of gowns you are attracted to. All Linda Gorringe Couture gowns are designed by Linda Gorringe. We do not copy designs. We are happy to modify our existing designs where possible but this is at our discretion and usually at additional cost. Ideally, it's helpful if you have ideas about what you like and want, and what shapes and fits you feel work best for you, but retain an open mind to our suggestions. We often hear "I love it, I wouldn't have selected it off the rack". How many people can/should I bring to the appointment? You are welcome to bring with you any one you choose, but have the following tips to offer: 1. Be selective about who you bring. There is no doubt that shopping for your wedding gown can be a great day out for you and the girls! The flip side is that it can be overwhelming for you, the bride, to involve too many people, especially at the beginning. Involving other people can be more enjoyable once you’re more definite about your own ideas. It can take some time to get to this point, and is often easier by yourself, or with one other very special person to offer guidance and support. 2. We’re a family business and children and babies are welcome, but there are safety and access issues to consider. There are lots of stairs and open glass shelves and young children must be monitored very closely. If you are bringing small children please let us know when making the appointment. 3. There is comfortable seating available for 3 guests at each consultation. What happens at the appointment? On arrival please come to the front counter and you will be greeted by one of our consultants who will assist you with the viewing and selection of gowns. If you are early for your appointment, and we are still with our previous appointment, you may browse our extensive bridal and fashion jewellery collections. Please note that you will not be able to view wedding gowns without assistance. If there’s enough time there are lots of great cafés in the Block Arcade and we will call you as soon as one of our consultants is available. Our consultants are here to help you make the experience of finding a wedding gown relaxing and enjoyable. We take great personal pride in our range of styles offered. Linda Gorringe Couture is designed by Linda Gorringe and all our gowns are made here in Melbourne offering unsurpassed quality and individuality for your chosen gown. We offer expertise on styles and colours to suit your figure and features, and we pride ourselves on listening to our clients to ascertain the kind of wedding gown that is going to make you not only look but feel beautiful. How long are appointments for? Your appointment is for one hour. How far ahead do I need to book an appointment? For busier times (Saturday, Thursday evening, lunchtime), for your choice of time, please make your appointment approximately a week to two weeks in advance. At other times appointments are more readily available. When should I start looking for a gown? This is very much a personal preference and depends on circumstances. These days, with so many different options for every element of the occasion, you can be a lot more relaxed about putting together a memorable occasion. The short answer is "when you're ready". However, you will retain most flexibility if you're able to make a decision about six months out from the wedding. Inside 6 months some stores may not be able to receive and deliver a gown. This is one of the considerable advantages of Linda Gorringe Couture. We make all our gowns here which not only allows you more flexibility to personalise the gown but also enables us to deliver a gown at short notice. We regularly assist brides with a gown with only a month or two 'til the wedding date. So don't worry, we look forward to assisting you soon. Do I need an appointment? Yes, an appointment is required to view and/or try-on our bridal collections. We are a designer store and make all our gowns in Melbourne. This gives you lots of flexibility to personalise the gown and its important you take the time to fully understand the full range of design, gown and service options. In respect of our extensive jewellery and accessories collection, you are welcome to browse at your leisure. For these items we are a "regular" shop.