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Linda Marsden "The Celebrant" specialises in Marriage ceremonies.


2 Customer Reviews

Linda was truly amazing. She blew us away with her beautiful personlity. Linda guided us through a very nerve racking time and went above and beyond to put us at ease. She made our wedding very special Sabina
Linda was a wonderful Celebrant for our wedding. The day ran smoothly and we were in constant contact the months leading up, she helped us create our perfect day and came up with the wordings that really defined us. Thank you Linda

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know of other qualities or attributes that would support her role as a marriage celebrant? Linda is currently raising her young family amongst the eclectic, varied community of the Inner West in Sydney. I have no doubt that she will be equally comfortable performing a culturally themed Wedding as she would a small intimate style of Wedding, always respecting the requests of the couples. Linda is a compassionate and energetic person, with excellent Communication skills, and good social values. I have no reservations about her suitability to the role of Marriage Celebrant. Describe her personal standards and ethical standards In both her private and working life, Linda has proven to be organized and extremely competent, and seems to achieve her goals with the minimum of fuss. I have always found Linda to be honest, dependable and reliable. She is a compassionate and caring individual who embodies the philosophy of treating others as you yourself would like to be treated. Again, her strong social values mean that Linda is always available to lend a helping hand to those that need it. How long have you known Linda Marsden and what is your relationship with her? I have known Linda Marsden since 2004, when we met at a community mothers’ group meeting. We are both in our forties and hence share the experience of being older mothers. We are also close neighbours and our kids are the same age and enjoy each other’s company. Linda and I have many interests in common and a similar cultural pluralism. How would you describe Linda's standing in the community? Linda is a particularly social person, who has a caring nature, and an excellent rapport with people of all ages, and walks of life. During the time that I have known Linda, she has been employed by Qantas in various capacities, both administrative and in a service role. She has always worked with enthusiasm and commitment, and is extremely popular amongst her colleagues. Linda has been the recipient of numberous customer service letters of appreciation. More recently, since becoming a parent, Linda has made herself available as a volunteer coordinator for Playgroup Association Annandale. She has strong Social Values and has developed a strong attachment to her community


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