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Lord Coconut

Address: Suite 3, Level 4, 289 Flinders Lane Melbourne CBD VIC 3000


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Lord Coconut specialises in Australian made wedding rings for men. We stock over 60 different styles of men’s wedding bands, from 30 plus Australian based jewellers.

Lord Coconut specialises in Australian made hand crafted mens wedding rings. We stock over 50 different styles of men’s wedding bands, from 30 plus jewellers, along with over 400 individual jewellery pieces including Cufflinks, Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets/Cuffs, Brooches, Lapel Pins, Tie Bars,...

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Our Team Profiles

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Mark Boldiston



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Mark is the owner of Lord Coconut and has a passion for contemporary men's jewellery and the retail sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your stock expensive compared to what can often be found online? All stock isdesigned and handmade by local Melbourne jewellers and artisans using precious metals as either one offs or in limited quantities. The jewellery is designed and made to last a lifetime with the correct wear and maintenance. Can you design custom wedding rings? If you see a jewellers work in the store which you like, we can arrange for you to meet the relevant jeweller to discuss and custom design a wedding ring for you. Do you have more than one set of cufflinks in each design? Most of the cufflinks held in stock are one-offs due to their handmade nature. Multiple copies of each design can be made by the jewellers but due to their handmade nature, slight variations will occur. Requests for multiple copies may require an order to be placed (50% of total cost required). The extra copies will be available bewteen 2- 4 weeks from time of order. What are the cufflinks made of? Most of the cufflinks and rings are made with Sterling Silver although some jewellers use other metals such as Titanium, Copper, Gold etc. Is all of your stock made in Melbourne? Over 90% of the stock is handmade in Melbourne by local artisans and jewellers. A small percentage of stock which is unique in character is sourced from interstate.