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Melbourne Mobile Music

Address: 26 Newell Street Footscray VIC 3011

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With over 16 years experience your guests will be dancing the night away. Using only professional audio equipment and cordless microphones the audio quality is of the highest standard. This is backed up by a 24 hour emergency service. Selection of the right music for the night is vital to your function being a success.

Selecting the right disc jockey for your function is one of the most important decisions that you can make and can be a very bewildering and daunting task.

Everything else can be perfect but if the music is not great, the function will not be the success it deserves to be.

Selection of the right...

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Megan Lakeman , Oak Park
Just a note to thank you for a great Saturday night. Ashley and myself and everyone else, were really happy with the night. I would like to thank you for all the hard work that you put in. Hope we didn't bug you with too many request. Once again thank you Don't forget to catch that last train out of Sydney!!!
Annessa & Perry Telios , Elwood Beach
Just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic wedding night on Sunday 13th March. We had such a terrific night! Thanks for playing the zorba a few times. The music was fantastic and a girlfriend said she couldn't believe how many people got up to dance, thanks to you! The video is very funny- watching people dance, especially by the end of the night. We will definitely recommend you to other friends and family if they have a big party or wedding. Unfortunately most of our friends are already married though! Thanks Steve as you really made it a party and a night to remember.
Leanne Watson , Goonawarra Winery
Just wanted to say thanks for the great job you did at the trade night. Shannon (the functions manager at the winery) was most impressed and is more than happy to put your name forward for future wedding bookings, so hopefully the night was worthwhile for you. Thanks again for all your effort especially considering we were on such a budget!
Dale & Penny Houlihan , Ballarat Art Gallery
I'm back at work today and I just wanted to email you to say a big 'THANKS' for being our DJ for our wedding. Everyone had a ball and hasn't stopped talking about it since. I've attached a few snaps from the website. Thanks again and great job :)
Teena Chetcuti , Grand Star Receptions Altona
How you going? I just wanted to say a quick thank you from Glenn and me, you did a wonderful job on Sunday, we really appreciate it. We'll definitely keep you in mind for any future events, and will be definitely recommending you to others.
Robert & Lisa Bologna , Bella Vista Receptions Airport
Just wanted to thank you for the great job you did at our wedding on Jan 7th, it was great and lots of guests commented on what a great DJ we had. Tina and Dave Hi Steve, Sorry to take so long to write this but I and Lisa were relaxing on the mighty pacific sky going around New Caledonia and Vanuatu. Anyway that's enough bragging I am writing to say a special thank you in regard to the djing of our wedding. I don't think you did one thing wrong only heard compliments from the guests who are traditionally band lovers at weddings. Also amazing my father who is Italian and thought you can't have a dj at a wedding said "I liked the dj better than the bands". So many compliments and a special thank you once again from me
Tracey , Ashwood Primary School
Just wanted to say thanks for last night, everyone had a great time. The talk around the school today was that it was a very successful disco, and that everyone was well behaved - which was thanks to how you ran the night.
Eden Sanz IL Portobello , Essendon
How are you going? I have been meaning to thank you for being the dj at my 21st! You were great!!! I had so much good feedback, and I heard my friend booked you as well. That's great! Well Thank you once again! You made my night fantastic!!!
Nick n Amelia , Grand Star Receptions Altona
Just a quick mail to say Thanks for your time and great job at being our DJ and MC for the day, hope you had as much fun as we did. I'm not sure if you had dinner as I told the staff to wait until you had finished your dinner. Thanks for everything, we had a lovely time.
Leah Meyers , Tonik Bar Kensington
Thanks for hosting a great night on Thurs. I have had many comments about how great u were, and how good the music was. It was even written in my comments book! "Great DJ! Great Music.." etc.! Sorry about my mum; I think this would've been the first time she's gone out in about 2 years in regards to a younger crowd! She doesn't know what the music of today is...she was prob hoping for some classical stuff, and her sister would've been winging too. Don't take it personally. Everyone else LOVED you. :) Thanks again, I will be referring ur number to people if they ask for a good dj!
Terry Nelsons , Williamstown
Just a brief note to say many thanks to you for a great you did on Saturday night. I told you at the start of the night don't be discouraged if you couldn't get people up dancing as they were a crowd of drinkers, not dancers. Well you proved a liar out of me. It took you no time to get people onto the dance floor and many stayed on it for the best part of the night. I've spoken to several people since and they raved about what a great selection of music you played. Again many thanks, the music played a major part in making the night a memorable one, although I think there were a few people with foot and body aches the next day.
Thinh Tran , Private Venue
Thank you for an excellent night on our wedding night I and Stella are very pleased with your work on Saturday Night Well done. Also our greatest apology for my new father in laws behavior towards you on that night he was wrong Thank you again and will recommend your business to others

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have international music? Yes we do. We have a very large range of Italian, Greek, Latin, Macedonian, and Vietnamese music. What if we want you to work longer than five hours? No problem.You will be charged for every half hour over the five hours. The amount is worked out on the night or before hand. How can I book you? You can call me directly or email me your details. Once a deposit is received this will confirm your booking. What happens if some equipment brakes down? Don't worry we offer emergency back-up. In sixteen years in the industry, equipment failure is very rare. Like I mentioned earlier our equipment is updated every two years and serviced regularly. We also have public liability. Do you MC as well? Absolutely. With over 16 years of public speaking we are more than happy to MC. We want you to be happy on your special day and don't risk the embarrassment in having a relative or friend in charge of this important role. Why do some disc jockeys cost more than others? Some disc jockeys can squeeze their equipment in their family car, some use a rusty trailer others like myself would use a new van. I don't believe in compromising professional audio equipment and lights. Some disc jockeys use laptops and speakers on stands so they can fit their shows in their car. This results in the music sounding tinny and with no dynamic range. We use 2 way 15 inch sub-woofers with a minimum 1500 watt amplifier. Our sound systems pack a mean punch and sound crystal clear. We don't use disc mans like some of the other big companies, like I mentioned earlier our advertising budget is small so we can invest in professional audio equipment which is updated every two years. So you can see who the cheaper disc jockeys are. Some disc jockeys do it as a hobby or for part time work. At Melbourne Mobile Music we are full time professionals. Don't sell yourself short; you deserve the security of a professional. Things that do not seem important when you are setting your budget will become suddenly important when your party is ruined by an inexperienced disc jockey. The entertainment is already one of the least expensive services you will book for your event. Spend a professional rate and have the comfort and piece of mind of knowing you have hired someone reliable. Can we bring our own CD's? Of course you can. Our CD players can play both original and burnt CD's. However if you've got music downloaded from the internet the audio quality is often compromised. Can we pick the music for our party? Yes it is important that you have an input on the selection of the music played and not played. You don't want your party sounding like every other party. We can provide an extensive music list via email. We don't have our full music list posted on the internet so other disc jockey companies can copy our exclusive list. Can we meet with the disc jockey? I tell all my clients never book a disc jockey for your function until you've seen them in action or in person. This can be your opportunity to assess his personality and style. I have no problems with meeting my clients before their function. How experienced are you as a disc jockey? I've been a disc jockey for over 16 years and during this time I've been able to successfully satisfy the needs of my clients hence my longevity in the entertainment industry.