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Address: 55-61 Old Northern Road Baulkham Hills NSW 2153


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BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES BY MORRIS IMAGES There are so many beautiful shots to capture on your wedding day! Our approach to wedding photography is a mix of photojournalism combined with a touch of stylistic portraiture. While we get all the must have wedding pictures, youll get to enjoy the wedding day while we capture the fun, spontaneity and emotion without intrusion. Wedding & Album packages start from $2,600 and include two photographers, engagement session, your wedding album, DVD with high res shots, an acrylic block and more. To find out more and check availability for your wedding date contact us at or (02) 9639 5351. We operate all week so please call us to arrange a visit (please note visits are by appointment only).


There are so many beautiful shots to capture in wedding photography! Our approach to wedding photography is a mix of photojournalism and candid shots with a touch of stylistic portraiture. While we get all the must have wedding pictures, we like to let you...

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Liz S. , Morris Images Wedding Photography Sydney
Thank you so much for your wonderful service and friendly and relaxed disposition. We all felt very confident that you were taking wonderful shots and Kimberley and Danny were so happy with both of you. Can't wait to see the pics and will definitely recommend you to all friends and family for future events. Again thank you so much for a wonderful day and hoped you found time to enjoy yourselves as well.
Heidi and Damien , Morris Images Wedding Photography Sydney
Every time I look through our album I get goosebumps. It is an amazing feeling. I have shown a lot of friends the album and they are really impressed with your work. I have passed on your details.
Rachel G. , Morris Images Wedding Photography Sydney
I received the voucher yesterday for the Schuback Family. Once again I am very impressed with the service and standard of work you provide. You have done a wonderful job. Your business deserves every success.
Sarah, Steve and Grace :) , Morris Images Wedding Photography Sydney
WOW all I can say is thank you!! AMAZING truly from the depths of my heart, we truly thank god for giving you such an amazing gift, and the other photographer too thank you... thank you ...thank you....
Michelle G. , Morris Images Wedding Photography Sydney
These are great!!!!! Have to stop looking at them or will be late for work!!!
Lucas M , Morris Images Wedding Photography Sydney
Mate just wanted to say a big thankyou for all your help and for being a part of My and Tina's day on the 1st May 2010. People are still talking about how great the day was and how good you were as a photographer so thanks again, we both really appreciated it. I'll be passing on your details to who ever needs a photographer in the future. Thanks again Champion and I look forward to seeing the photos.
Jenni , Morris Images Wedding Photography Sydney
Thanks for the preview. There are some wonderful images and I agree Penny looks absolutely stunning.
Anne B. , Morris Images Wedding Photography Sydney
Firstly Andrew and I would like to say a huge THANK YOU for our wedding day. We had soooooo much fun on the day and a lot of it had to do with the fun we had with you. It was such a pleasure working with you. Andrew couldn't stop raving about how good you were. I've also had a lot of great comments from family & friends. Hope you are well and we'll chat soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't want a wedding album right now? That's not a problem. We have DVD Packages which include a number of great benefits bundled into one package, including a DVD with high resolution photos. DVD Packages include: Two photographers; DVD of high resolution jpeg images; 7x4.5" acrylic photo block; Petite ZigZag brag book; Wide area coverage of Sydney, Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains, Wollongong and Central Coast. DVD Packages start at $1,600. What kind of album will I have? As part of your Wedding Album Package you will receive a beautiful 12x17" or 12x12" Wedding album. You can select whether you prefer a rectangular or square style. The album includes 20 pages (or 40 sides) and is produced in a layflat design, meaning each page opens completely flat so you can see the entire photo clearly. You have a choice of using a Deluxe Leather cover in various colours, or a Fabric Fusion cover which comes in a variety of textures. For samples see Morris Images > Weddings > Wedding Albums Why is it important to have two photographers? Wedding are busy events and we don't want to miss a single moment. From the time we arrive the ladies and gents are in two different locations, which are covered by their own photographer. We can't miss shots of the Bride getting ready - these are often some of our client's favourite shots. At the same time, the boys are putting the final touches on their suits. There is laughter and banter that makes great photos, and you'll also see some fabulous shots of the Groom with his best mates! During the ceremony, the two photographers split their roles. One covers the grand sweeping shots of the church and crowd with a wide angle lens, while the second photographer takes care of the detail like facial expressions and exchange of the rings. A great result of having two photographers is that often the second shooter will capture really candid shots taken when the couple was focusing on the lead photographer. Is my Wedding Album Package all inclusive? Yes it is. When you select the Wedding Album Option you don't have to worry about extra costs after your wedding to create an album or get your photos on CD to share with friends. Our Wedding Album Packages include all of these items in your package price, starting from $2,600: 12x17" or 12x12" Wedding album (20pages/40 sides; layflat design with Deluxe Leather or Fabric Fusion cover); Two photographers; Engagement session; 30x40" Guest signature message board; 7x4.5" Acrylic Ice Mount; Petite ZigZag brag book; Online photo gallery; DVD of high res jpeg images; Wide area coverage of Sydney, Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains, Hills District and Central Coast. Speak to us about destination weddings.