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Naomi Drysdale Make Up Artist

Address: Canning Vale South, WA 6155

Also Services: South Perth Suburbs

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For your special day, you deserve to be pampered and feel rested and prepared to enjoy yourself in each moment.

For your special day, you deserve to be pampered and feel rested & prepared to enjoy yourself in each moment.

I recommend a makeup trial so you can feel happy & confident with your makeup look, knowing that it will also last.

Experience in film, theatre and media fashion, positions Naomi...

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Naomi Drysdale Name

Naomi Drysdale


Makeup Artist

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Makeup Artist & Designer


Celebrity Makeup!

Celebrity Makeup Artist!


Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by Naomi Drysdale Make Up Artist.

Jhai Mitchell, Owner, Emech Design , Was a contractor to Naomi at Motives Cosmetics by Loren Ridinger
“Naomi is one of the most professional makeup artist I have had the pleasure of working with. You can really tell she has a real passion for make people beautiful and she does it in such a fun way.” August 18, 2010
Tanya Beeson , Hired Naomi as Makeup Artist in Perth
“Naomi is a fabulous make-up artist having done an amazing job for my makeup for the 2010 WASAs. Friendly and conciencious, Naomi teaches as she works and as such I learned a lot from her” Top qualities: Great Results, Creative

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