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Paradise Bay

Address: Paradise Bay - South Long Island, PO Box 842 Whitsundays QLD 4802

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Where crystal blue water meets the rainforest ... Welcome to Paradise!

Where crystal blue water meets the rainforest ... Welcome to Paradise! Paradise Bay offers a unique blend of eco and luxury set in a brilliant contrast of sun-soaked beaches, crystal clear water and pristine untouched wilderness full of friendly local wildlife.

It’s the ultimate in...

29 November, 2010
What an escape! No TV and nothing to do aside from sleep, go sailing, snorkelling, soak up the sun and eat amazing meals each day. An absolute gorgeous eco escape.
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The Perfect Escape Clause – 5th Dec 09 Fairfax Traveller , Paradise Bay
Paradise is a slippery and overused notion. For some it might be a stool in a sports bar with a good view of the wide- screen television. For others, paradise might conjure images of sparkling pools and spa treatments. Neither are available at Paradise Bay Eco Escape, in the heart of Queensland’s Whit- sunday Islands, but the place does justice to its name admirably. Tucked into a cove on the southern end of Long Island, one of 74 islands in the Whitsunday chain and facing the untracked wilderness of Conway National Park on the mainland, Paradise Bay shares the island with two other resorts but there is no contact with the neighbours.
A Trio of Delights – 15th Nov 09 News Ltd National , Paradise Bay
Basking under the warm tropical sunshine and doused in heavenly blue, Long Island melts into the smooth skin of the sea surrounded by a further 73 Whitsunday islands, forming what is reputed to be one of the world's most scenic playgrounds. Long Island offers three distinctly different holiday adventures and manages to cater for budget travellers, families, luxury and ecotourism guests.
Ben Southall – “Best job in the World” promotion , Paradise Bay
We touched down onto the tiniest of landing pads nestled in amongst the palm trees, jumped out and were greeted by the Tapa and Jane, the managers of Paradise Bay – our location for the next couple of days. Making our way along the path we arrived at the main social area (there is only one as there’s so few people here it’s all that is needed!) and met a few of the other guests.
Toronto Star Online Newspaper , Paradise Bay
SOUTH LONG ISLAND, Australia–The kayak glides over a sea of silver silk. The only sounds are the twittering of tropical birds in the hoop pines and the gentle splash of water against the island's rocky shore. Occasionally, a speckled head breaks the surface as a green turtle takes a gulp of fresh air.
Travelling in Australia , Paradise Bay
Tucked away in a secluded cove at the southern end of Long Island, a small retreat overlooks the calm waters of the Coral Sea. It’s the picture-perfect ideal, the kind of place treasured by escapists the world over, complete with palm trees, golden sands and a hammock to spare.
Sydney Morning Herald , Paradise Bay
Susan Gough Henly finds a wilderness that comes with lashings of luxury. We are gliding over a sea of silver silk. The clouds arc from puce on the horizon to baby pink above us to mauve over the jungle-green hills. A white-breasted sea eagle rides the airwaves. The only sound is the twittering of tropical birds in the hoop pines and the gentle splash of water against the island's rocky shore. That and an occasional whoosh/plop as a speckled head breaks the surface and a large green turtle grabs a gulp of fresh air before swimming beneath our double kayak, its enormous carapace easily visible.
Bulletin Magazine , Paradise Bay
In vacations - Where do those in the know go for their holiday breaks? Paradise Bay Eco Escape There’s no glass in the windows, no door key and no mobile phone reception. This comfortable and stylish getaway for 16 is tucked away in Paradise Bay on Long Island, in the Whitsunday’s opposite the green hills of Conway National Park. The lodge uses rainwater, runs mostly on solar power, treats its own waste water and there are no televisions, hairdryers or air-conditioning. Highlights include arriving by helicopter, the Wilderness Explorer car; walking tracks; kayaking and snorkeling. - Lee Mylne
Frommer's Review , Paradise Bay
This lodge was designed to show off the Whitsundays' natural beauty. Tucked in a cove under towering hoop pines and palms, it is an environmentally sensitive establishment on a national park island. It appeals to people who want to explore the wilderness in comfort, without the crowds, noisy watersports, or artificial atmosphere of a resort. It's also a great place to meet other travelers. A maximum of 16 guests stay in simple but smart cabins facing the sea, each with a double bed, modern bathroom, and private deck facing the sea. Solar power rules, so there is no air-conditioning or TVs, hair dryers, irons, or other appliances. There is one public phone. Social life centers on an open-sided gazebo by the beach, equipped with a natural-history library and CDs, where everyone dines together at slab tables under the Milky Way on fabulous buffet-style campfire meals. Access is only by a short but stunning helicopter flight from Hamilton Island. Daily excursions include sailing away on the lodge's gleaming 10m (33-ft.) catamaran, a helicopter flight to the Outer Reef and Whitehaven Beach, sea kayaking the mangroves to spot giant green sea turtles (which are common around the lodge), snorkeling the fringing reef on uninhabited islands, or bushwalking to a magical milkwood grove no one else knows about. Or you may prefer to just laze in a hammock or head off with a free sea kayak and snorkel gear. The beach is more tidal flat than sand, but clean and firm enough to sunbathe on. Wildlife abounds, including Myrtle, the lodge's pet kangaroo. Those who stay on this 1,215-hectare (3,001-acre) island consider it a plus that no ferries or cruise boats stop here and that the lodge is inaccessible to day-trippers.