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Raz Phorography is a professional wedding photography service based in Perth, Western Australia.

Every wedding is different so Raz Photography is flexible to whatever your wedding and budget requires. Raz Photography has a wide range of products and services to chose from. You may like to choose a package that will cover everything you are after from Pre-Wedding photos to custom made classic...

18 February, 2012
The photos ware amazing! Raz really captured what I wanted on the day and I dont quite have the words to express what that means to us, apart from saying Thank-you!!! From my perspective the best aspect of Raz was his whole approach and how he listened to what I wanted and took the time to understand. It has just been fabulous. He is professional, approachable, and generally fantastic. It was perfect!
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Mahmudul Islam Raz


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Raz is a professional photographer, film director and award winning visual effects artist. Raz Photography is based in Perth, Western Australian. Raz is also willing to travel to country areas. Raz prides himself on his outstanding service to clients. He offers free pre-wedding meetings at your home and at the wedding locations. Packages are tailored according to your needs in order to give you the best price possible. And after the wedding, Raz will provide you with high quality products in a swift turn-around time.


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Cindy and Thomas Marshall , UWA
Before our wedding we checked out several photographers, but Raz stood out as being the most personal and passionate about his work. I had seen him in action previously at my friend's wedding and was impressed at the effort he went to in capturing the moment. When I saw our photos, I was blown away by how artistic and natural it was. Raz meets your expectations and then goes far beyond that.
Donna Hiftle
Just had a look on my Iphone at the gallery - looks fantastic!!! Such a great selection of shots. They came up so well. I will send the link out on my FB page over the weekend, to all our family, friends and network. Will of course be recommending you to anyone I know getting married!
Jenny Safstrom , Perth
Raz, The photos are amazing! Thank-you so much, you really captured what I wanted on the day and I dont quite have the words to express what that means to us, apart from Thank-you!!! From my perspective the best aspect of you whole approach was how you listened to what I wanted and took the time to understand. It has just been fabulous. Also, lots of the guests at the wedding have commented on how great you where, professional, approachable, how you blended in, didnt impose and generally fantastic. It was perfect :-)

Frequently Asked Questions

What if something goes wrong? This is a totally understandable question for any bride and groom as your wedding day is such a complicated and expensive day. Little things may cause a challenge on the day but don’t be worried – Raz always carries at least two cameras and a car full of high quality equipment. He immediately backs up your photos with multiple copies. His detailed before-wedding service includes confirming all the times and locations, people’s names and more. If the situation arises that you do not like your wedding photos you can have your money back (but not the negatives). But don’t worry - the biggest problem our couples have is that they have too many beautiful photos to choose from! What happens to my deposit if I have to cancel? You will get you deposit of $250 back if you notify Raz three months before the wedding date. What if my wedding date changes after paying the deposit? Raz will simply change to your new date if he does not have another wedding that day. If he cannot do your new date you will lose your deposit only if you have not notified him three months before the original wedding date. How does the booking process work? Raz will visit you and your wedding location/s for free to chat about what you may like. You pay a deposit of $250 when you are ready to secure Raz for the day of your wedding. If you are worried about another couple booking him before you for the date, Raz will let you know before taking the booking (this happens a lot more rarely than what many wedding vendors claim it to be!) Can I order my prints and albums after the wedding? Many couples chose to do this. It’s hard to tell what you want to do with your pictures until you see them. Take your time. This is absolutely fine. Can I extend the hours of photography on the wedding day? This may be possible depending on circumstances on the day. The rates will be - $250 per hour. What is the process with the photos after the wedding day? Raz’s biggest part of job begins – he will immediately make two back-ups of the images, review them, and delete any unflattering ones that you wouldn’t want anyone to see. He’ll select some recommendations for books and prints and gives them a basic edit and colour correction. The photos are organised into a proof book or online gallery for your viewing. You can take as long as you need to review all your photos. Once approval or changes have been made, the books or albums are designed, packaged, printed and delivered. If you just ordered a DVD you will receive it after your review. What may cause delays? If Raz is entering a busy period he will let you know but it doesn’t usually alter the dates the photos are ready. Sometimes after your wedding you may be too busy with family and a honeymoon to go through the hundreds or even maybe thousands of photos to pick you favourites. This is understandable; just remember it will still take time for Raz to do the final steps of the process after you are ready. How long until my wedding photos are ready? This is usually a 1-3 month process. Within one month after the wedding Raz will send you a preview gallery of all images. From here you will select images to be used for prints and albums or favourites to get special digital enhancement. Final images will be ready 1-2 months after your final decision.