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Sean Mullins Photography

Address: 5/11 Dickens Street Elwood VIC 3184


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Wedding photographer, Melbourne

Melbourne photographer

Seán Mullins is a Melbourne based wedding photographer and portrait photographer. As well as specialising as a people photographer, Seán's work has also been featured in several international publications including books and travel magazines. Seán is...

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Sean Mullins

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Liza Pollock , Olinda
FANTASTIC, not only a lovely guy i got amazing photos done by him. I highly recommend him. I know you will get your moneys worth....
Shan Railton - Vantage Agency , Pascoe Vale
Great service. Above expectations

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you available weekdays Yes, if I don't already have a wedding booking, I am available 7 days a week. Do you use RAW or Jpeg I always shoot in RAW format. Although this makes my job more time consuming after the fact (it adds an extra processing step) it's the only way to get the full quality and detail in a digital image, as well as allowing greater freedom in the post processing of images. Do you use Film or Digital Digital. The many advantages and recent quality improvements mean Digital is the obvious choice for wedding photography Do you provide the images on Disk Yes, we can:) Although I do like to recommend a professional Album to all couples, sometimes budgets are stretched, and don't extend that far.