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Therapeutic Massage Retreat for Body & Soul

Address: Broadbeach, QLD 4218


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Welcome to your ultimate relaxation massage: Massage Stress Management, personalised whether you are preparing for an event, or just wish to getaway to touch of excellence. Spiritual & Therapeutic Massage Retreat for Body & Soul. fully insured

Massage Stress Management, personalised.
Spiritual & Therapeutic Massage Retreat for Body & Soul.

A deep sense of relaxation and surrender to your inner healer is waiting to be connected call 7 days

Say Good buy to neck pain & tension. Relax with the aid of essential oils personallised...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What other services do we offer? Emotional Release therapy, using specific essential oils also available when you are ready to explore the effects of emotions trapped inside the cellular memory. Stress management Cellular Awakening Vibrational Personalised Therapies and group meditation available call to register you interest Brazillian Toe Massage when expertly applied has amazing Benefits duration 1hr, can be included with other therapies reduces stress & tension Induces deep state of relaxation reduces aches & pains reduces headaches reduces insomnia bringing about deep state of reconnection What is a massage designed to achieve? designed to bring the body into balance Helps to align the energy centers of the body and Releases them if blocked. aligns the spine using specifit essential oils hot towel compress detoxifies the body, removing toxins from inside the cells Vitaflex Technique that activates enery centers in a very unique way Sending ripples of relaxation throughout the whole body Resulting in melting and merging the disconnected parts Leaving you with feeling of complete relaxation Relaxes & strengthens the nervous system Begin with 1hour Or indulge in 2,3,4hours for absolutely dreamy relaxation This treatment shall continue to work in your body 5 to 7 days What are the benifits of massage therapy? Benefits are Decrease or relieve pain and inflammation Lift & stretch soft tissue Increase range of movement Great for frozen shoulder Improve Circulation Drain lymph fluid, clear drainage pathways Open energy flow of the body Dredging and clearing old residue that accumulates, moving them out of the muscle and soft tissue. Conditions that Respond to the range of massage treatments are Poor circulation Sciatica Cellulite Toxicity Poorly nourished skin and muscle tissue Insomnia Anxiety Sluggish colon Fibromyalgia Chronic pain Discomfort Neuralgia and rheumatism Asthma Athletic Stress and injury If you are an athlete, sporting performance is improved This therapy promotes health and healing by loosening soft tissue