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Creative Clips Photography

Address: 3 Nagle Ave Maroubra NSW 2035


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As a wedding photographer and portrait photographer, Greg considers he has one of the best jobs in the world! There is something unique about Sydney weddings and although Greg has a well equipped studio he considers that nothing can beat the beautiful backdrop that Sydney offers a bride or indeed a family portrait.

Sydney wedding photographer Greg Coggiola is based in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. He has helped hundreds of happy couples (and their families and friends) preserve and enjoy their memories of the big day.

Expert at making often nervous couples relax and look their best, Greg not only gets...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use film or digital cameras or a combination of both and do you have backup equipment if something breaks? Full digital technology is employed with several back up cameras and lenses available in the unlikely event of equipment failure. Film can still be used if you prefer Tell me about your wedding albums? There are probably half a dozen companies at the most in Australia that offer speciality wedding albums. The type where you get to choose cover materials, page layouts and the number of sides etc. Most wedding photographers offer a variety of albums usually from one or maybe two of these manufacturers. Most, if not all of these companies offer similar product ranges, maybe varying slightly in size or other minor details. As they are all vying for the photographers business you can be assured they all offer the latest product ranges. So no matter which photographer you choose he should be able to offer you most of the products that his competitors can offer even if he doesn't have a full range on display. Personally I use Albums Australia, who lead the way in technology and use proprietary software that enables me to create a "virtual album" using your images. This allows me to customise your album right before your eyes! You'll leave the studio knowing exactly what your finished album will look like when you come to collect it in a few short weeks! Are the packages on your price list all you offer? Or are you willing to try to customize a package for me that is within my budget Yes, I'd be happy to customise a package if it suits your needs Is colour & B/W photography included in the package prices Colour, E6(cross processing) & B/W are all included as part of all packages at no additional cost. Additionally a complete set of prints is included and there is no limit on the number of images taken on the day. What styles of photography can you offer? Greg offers a combination of styles suited to your requirements. It can be difficult for couples to put into words what they expect in their images. So Greg likes to meet with his clients on a pre wedding basis and scout the locations chosen by the couple and to discuss their requirements while making suggestions of what he thinks would suit the couple. Combining this, with encouraging couples to create a "scrapbook of images" they like and showing these to Greg, helps him complete the picture of what they are expecting from their photos and enables him to tailor the photography to their needs Is the work that you are showing me all yours and is it recent All work you are viewing in his studio and on his web site is taken by Greg at Creative Clips Photography & is a an accurate sample of the style of work he can offer Are you the only photographer working for the company? Can you guarantee that you will be the one showing upon my wedding day? Greg is the photographer & joint owner of this family run business & will be the photographer on your day. I would be happy to put that in writing