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The Bridal Outlet

Address: Unit 2 / 54 Gindurra Rd Somersby NSW 2250


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9 April, 2012
A huge thank you to all the staff at the Bridal Outlet! You enabled me to find the perfect dress for my wedding and the accessories to compliment it perfectly. I then used the Event Decortators located in the same building to change my orginal ideas to a completely different theme. Our beautful Vintage Cocktail Party was perfect. My daughter found her dress here too and everyhthing about it complimented our wedding. Even my sons were fitted out in gorgeous suits which made them feel and look part of our special event. Not a dry eye when we walked in..
18 February, 2011
WOW! The Bridal Outlet at Somersby was fantastic. The staff are so helpful, and they have a fantastic range to choose from. Nothing is too hard.
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