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Tina Reverie

Address: Langridge street Collingwood North VIC 3066

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Discover the world of fashion Couture along side designer Tina Anne-Marie. Her endless creativity and eye for detail make every creation a dream come true in a one of a kind experience. From Bridal Couture to children's Christening Gowns. With more than 10 years in the industry and affordable prices, Tina Reverie is the perfect fashion house in which to find and create the ultimate fashion inspired journey.

At Tina Reverie we specialize in Custom Made Formal Wear, all specifically designed to fit your wants and needs, and hand made to perfection. We offer a different range of services and products like:

Adult Formal Wear

Children Formal Wear

Christening Gowns, First Communion, Flower Girl,


2 March, 2012
Tina made my dress so quickly and lovely. It made my day, thanks so much Tina
27 October, 2010
Tina is so efficient. I need my wedding dress made urgentlly and she could do it for me in 2 weeks.
5 July, 2010
Tina is Fantastic, she can make anything you want!!! If I were to get any clothes made, this would be the place I would go to!
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Tina Anne-Marie, My Story

The story of Tina Anne-Marie, Designer.


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Lillian Lewis , Hawthorn
What I like most about Tina is her ability to make the style and material selection suit the occasion. She has an innate flair for appropriateness and a generosity of heart that makes her genuinely want to see people at their best and to help them create it in response to their wishes. Tina has made a number of dresses for me. She chose lovely silk material, the colour that suited my style and the right cut. She has a real feeling for fabric and what looks good, and her work is very fine indeed. Tina just knows what is appropriate for each person and how all can look their best. She is a very talented woman. Everything is so beautifully made and she also has the skills for fixing things. Very soon she becomes your friend during the making of the garment. Tina’s story is unique. If I wanted anything for a grand occasion, I would go and see her and she would draw up something unique. She just has that innate sense of style. I have recommended her to others and I would recommend her to all those who want to put a piece of cloth on their body for any occasion whatsoever.
Lucy Triffett , Heathmont
What I liked most about getting Tina to make my wedding dress was that we designed it together and she put in what I wanted- different features, such as a tight bodice and a big skirt. One fear I had, before we started, was that she might not do it the way I wanted. I was also concerned that she would take over but I found that she worked with me very well. The good thing was, because I did not know much about designing clothes, that she took what I wanted and she advised me what would work with my body shape. The best benefits were that she was flexible and created what I wanted. I did not want the fashion that everyone else was wearing and I wanted something individual. When I was looking elsewhere, I said I did not want strapless but I was told that those days were gone. Tina gave me what I wanted but in a way that made me look great. Price was also important and I found ready-made dresses at twice the price at other places I looked at. I also found that it was quite easy to make a suitable time to see Tina. I would definitely recommend her dressmaking and her ability to design. I think she is overly modest about what she is capable of.
Gershom Teokoitu , North Cote
What really sold me about Tina’s couture was walking into her shop and seeing wedding dresses that she had already made, where people had requested them from pictures in magazines. I knew that she could do what I wanted. To tell the truth, I had a stuff-up with my original wedding dress. I shopped around and Tina was the only one who was willing to make my dress in the seven weeks remaining and with whom I felt comfortable. It took nearly four weeks to make the mock-up dress and, with only three weeks left, I was worried whether it would be ready on time. I was hoping and praying that it would all happen but whenever Tina spoke to me she made me feel at ease. The next week, the dress was essentially done. She actually finished it in six weeks, not seven. It was quite amazing. What Tina gave me was a dress that fitted beautifully. The material was of very good quality and it was very reasonably priced. Tina was very easy to work with and she would go out of her way to do the work around my schedule. I would definitely recommend Tina to anyone wanting to get a wedding dress made because I not only got that was properly made but I also got everything I wanted. I highly recommend her because she is just so capable, really excellent. I loved her work. Her Christening gowns and children’s coats were absolutely gorgeous. She does really amazing work.
Rachael Fletcher , West Footscray
I had a wedding dress that was too short and I was in a dilemma as to what to do about it. Tina altered the dress in a way that was better than I imagined- better than if it had been made the right length. She is very professional, talented and good at what she does. I would definitely recommend her