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Wedding Table Decorations

It's the small things that can really make a wedding a stand out. Having beautiful wedding table decorations can help make your day that extra bit special for you and your guests by personalising your wedding and adding that extra touch.

Your wedding table decorations will be determined by the style of your wedding, the venue and by what you think your guests will enjoy. There are a couple of trends around regarding wedding table decorations that you might like to think about for your wedding.

Simple and elegant

The first trend that you might like to consider for your wedding table decorations is having tall, stemmed single flowers in glass vases across the length of each table. This option is also quite viable in financially challenging times.


If you want pizzazz for your wedding table decorations you can choose a more elaborate option for your wedding table decorations. Perhaps you would like to think about a large, colourful centrepiece. You may like to think about a centrepiece that has a combination of in-season flowers, feathers and even candles. Wedding decorations can also be suspended from the ceiling in a chandelier-type fashion as they are too large for the table.


A novel trend in table decorations is having centrepieces that break apart such as large floral arrangements that break apart into smaller vases filled with flowers and candles, that guests can take home at the end of the evening.

Sweeten the table

Another late trend is to embellish your wedding tables with sweets. You can find an assortment of sweets such as sugared almonds to put in glass bowls on each table or you can scatter your chosen sweets across the table liberally. You can place spoons or scoops upon the tables so that guests can help themselves to the treats throughout the night, or you can put them in bags or boxes and leave them on the table for guests to take home at the end of the evening.


Remember the impact that lighting can have on your wedding table decorations. You may want to create a warm ambiance with candles on your table. Alternatively you might also like to position the lighting in your venue to shine over your wedding table decorations draw more attention to them

Other wedding table decoration ideas

Along with a centre piece, you may like to think about other things you can use to decorate your wedding tables. You can select decorative items such as:

  • napkin rings
  • confetti in an assortment of shapes
  • silk rose petals or ivy
  • wedding table jewels, beads and embroidery
  • chair covers and sashes
  • table runners
  • balloons

Personalise your wedding table decorations

To help your guests to the right seats and add a personalising touch to your wedding for your guests, you may like to consider writing name cards. You can get a calligrapher to write each name out or print each name out on beautiful paper of your choice along with decoration of your liking. Not only does this make each table pretty but your guests will appreciate your efforts.

There are many different wedding table decoration options that you can select from according to your taste and the look and feel of your venue. If you would like any more information about wedding table decorations you can refer to our interactive database to find out what is available for you today.