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Gift Registries and Wishing Wells

The feeling of giving a great wedding gift can only be surpassed by the feeling of receiving one. As every couple is different, it is often difficult to select the perfect wedding gift. However, with the wide range of Gift Registries now available to couples, it is possible to let your guests know exactly what you want, through a medium that suits you.

When creating a Wedding Gift Registry, you have the freedom to compile your wish-list Online or by visiting your local Department or Registry Store.  With so many options available to you, it is now possible to create a gift registry which is full of what you and your partner want.

People want to give you something meaningful on your wedding day. Something that will help you set up your lives together. However, it is often difficult for guests to select a gift or contribute when gift registries are full of small low cost items. For many guests, giving you a tea-towel or a kettle simply is not enough, and as a couple, these are probably gifts that you are not overly keen on receiving. When you are creating your Gift Registry, it is important to consider what you need as a couple, really, this is your chance to include all the things you would love, including the more expensive items as well as the everyday useful items so your friends and family can give you a gift of something you love and need within their budget.

With so many couples living out of home before marriage, and due to differing circumstances, it is nice to be able to choose from a variety of Gift Registry options including:  Wishing Wells, Travel Registries and Online/ Department Store Wedding Gift Registries.

Online Gift Registry.

Setting up your Gift Registry Online allows you to:

  • Set up a gift registry for free.
  • Choose from a wide range of gifts.
  • Set up your registry within a short time frame.

Online Bridal Registries allow couples to edit their registry at any time, whilst allowing the guests to browse and buy gifts online and have them delivered to the location of your choice.

Department Store Gift Registries.

When setting up your Bridal Registry in a Department Store, you can:

  • Set up a gift registry for free.
  • Create a registry of any size.
  • Let your guests choose from a range of gift delivery options.

Creating your Gift Registry in store allows couples to browse and take advantage of the ever-changing discounts and special offers available on store items. Guests can view the registry and buy gifts online, or can receive registry cards with the wedding invitations and purchase the wedding gifts from a store near them, thus not paying a delivery fee.

The purpose of a Wedding Gift Registry is to show guests the gifts that the Bride and Groom desire. Due to the wide variety of Bridal registries, no gift is unattainable.

Gift Registry

Many couples like to receive household gifts.
Department store wedding gift registries allow the couple to choose from a wide range of Household items that are located within the stores. At major department stores, a couple may scan all their desired gifts and compile them into a gift registry.

Using an online gift registry a couple can choose from hundreds of brands and gifts online to compile their list. Each guest is able to select a gift from the registry, and purchase it for the newly-weds.

Wishing Well

Cash contributions are becoming popular as many couples have a house full of items and find payments towards their mortgage, honeymoon or a single large gift far more useful. Whilst a single guest may not want to buy you the camera of your dreams, a series of monetary gifts will make it possible for you to capture all those post wedding moments.

Travel Registry

One of the greatest times for a newly-wed couple is their honeymoon. It is now possible to use Gift Registries, specifically created to help you choose your Dream Honeymoon or trip.

Many Travel agencies are now offering Travel Registries, catering for couples that already have all their household goods and are looking to create a wonderful new adventure. It gives the guests a chance to contribute towards the honeymoon, something which is truly wonderful.

Some Travel Registries give the guests a chance to pay in part or full for:

  • Travel, including flights
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Coach Tours
  • Rail fares
  • Packages and Travel Insurance

Are you worried about your Bridal Registry?

Don’t Be!! Couples can now choose from a range of Wedding Gift Registries. These registries may offer different gifts and may work through different mediums, but essentially they are all designed to leave both the Guests and the newly-wed couple satisfied. Now, a guest can be certain that whether he buys a gift or contributes towards one, he is getting the newly-weds something that they truly want. And after all, a series of heartfelt gifts will make the Wedding Day all the more special.