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2 Edinburgh Street, Carlingford NSW 2118

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Lison Video & Photography specialises in Bridal Showers, Wedding Photographers, and Wedding Video and is located in Carlingford, NSW.

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About the team



Our Team members have had more then 10 years of experience as photojournalists, TV channel camera operators and editors. Wayne, the head producer, has won more then 30 academic awards. His major works have been broadcast on popular TV channels and selected video programs on international flights.


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Emily and Oliver , .
To wayne and team members, we are thoroughly satisfied with your work. The album is so beautiful and very personalized because it has our own idea for the design, illustrating our story and personal feeling. We truly appreciate your professionalism and creativity.
Karen and Robert , .
Dear Wayne, I love your journalistic style. You made us feel comfortable in everywhere. The photographers are just outstanding, telling your wedding naturally and beautifully.
Mary & John , .
The photographers exceeded our expectations and we are very lucky to have such a quality memory to relive our special day over and over again. Your artistic creativity and professionalism have afforded us a very wonderful momento indeed!
Canela and William , .
Everyone loves the photos. My mum cried (happy tears) when she watched the slideshow
Betty and Mark , .
Hi, we just want to say a big thank you again for being so easy to work with and for producing the album that we are extremely proud of.
Margaret , .
Hi Wayne, Thanks for carefulness, promptness and patience for my daughter Stephanie and whole family. You created so many great shots. We will treasure them forever.

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Albums and Canvas We are confident you will love the magazine style albums. We design some of the best quality albums. You can get involved with your own ideas for the album design, so it fits your individual style. Lisons 100% Cotton canvas is printed with high resolution printers, ultra chrome inks, liquid lamination and stretcher frames. All sizes are available.