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Wedding List Co

Address: 156 Edgecliff Rd Woollahra NSW 2025


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Wedding List Co is Australia's original leading bridal registry company boasting over 7000 gifts from over 200 brands including Samsonite, Missoni Home, Coco Republic, Waterford and Wedgwood. Renowned for their unparalleled personal service free to the happy couple, Wedding List Co also offers the best prices with their 'Price Promise' policy guaranteed to match or better department stores and retailers.

Wedding List Co offers a refreshing approach to your bridal registry.With expertise from your very own wedding list consultant plus our easy-to-use website, your wedding list has never been easier.
Our great service, gifts and prices are what sets us apart

Why do thousands of couples choose...

8 July, 2013
We used Wedding LIst Co for our registry last year and were so happy with the service. Their online was so easy and so most of our guests purchased from there rather than going into the store. We were going to go with DJs but couldnt believe their bridal registry is still not online. The best part was that we could swap some gifts around before they delivered so we didnt get double ups and could complete sets. Victoria in Customer Service was so great to deal with and helpful with all our questions. We'd definitely recommend them to anyone thinking of what to do.
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Sophie and Rohan , Aus
When we where overseas and trying to plan a wedding, I was a little concerned that many things including the registry where going to be difficult to set up. I shouldn’t have been worried. Wedding List Co had been recommended by a number of friends and after using you’re the service I can see why. The Wedding List Co website was brilliant and allowed our friends and Family help us buy some great artwork. Thank you for making this so easy for us!
Fiona and Malcolm , Aus
Wedding List Co have impressed me no end with their professional yet friendly service. Everyone is a pleasure to work with even their delivery staff! Gifts are reasonably priced and not to mention classy and classic. The ease of online management suits a modern couple who like to adapt to their guests wishes. We could not have chosen a better way to receive our gifts.
Kristi and Peter , Aus
We where very happy with Wedding List Co. and have recommended it to our engaged friends. It was easy to use and the staff where responsive and helpful. We received our lovely gifts and are very happy with our choice to use Wedding List Co.
Jennifer and Joshua , Aus
Wedding List Co was an easy and convenient way to organise our gift registry. The website was simple to use and well organised. We received gifts from family and friends living overseas who couldn't attend our wedding but wanted to spoil us anyway. Having the ability to exchange one gift purchased for another was excellent because invariably you will receive a gift similar to the one you have listed and you don't want multiple gifts of the same kind.
Bree and Sanderson , Aus
Wedding List Co far exceeded our expectations. The ease of use for our friends all over the world was one of the reasons we decided to choose this company and it was definitely the right choice. Although other companies deliver gifts as they are purchased, having a delivery day was like all the Christmas’s and birthdays roll into one! We didn’t know where to start! The staff was excellent at dealing with requests and providing help!
Kristy and Adam , Aus
As soon as I found out that setting up a registry at department stores like DJ’s and Myer can take up to three hours I looked for other options. I found Wedding List Co. and it was so easy to set up and add to at my convenience, and the product list was extensive with great price ranges. I will definitely be recommending your website to other couples. We love all of our items. Thank you!
Eleanor and Dugald , Aus
Our gift registry was one of the most enjoyable parts of our wedding planning. It was a fun experience as opposed to a painful one! Our initial meeting was a fantastic use of time giving the opportunity to view all the important things we needed to choose. The online service and ability to update our list as often as we wanted was fantastic. All our guests loved the service and we have had lots of friends use Wedding List Co after using it for our wedding. Thank you so much!
Krista and Simon , Aus
We were most impressed with the delivery and the big WLC carry bags instead of wrapping. I will certainly recommend your service to others! We have been very happy with the whole experience with Wedding List Co, and our guests found the website very easy and convenient to use.
Annabelle and Anthony , Aus
This is the most professional service we have come across. The staff knew all the products and between the consultation and the website, choosing our list was easy. I wish more of the wedding organisation was this easy! Thank you for providing such a great service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wedding List Co differ from Online Registries? Online only registries are limiting for many guests who would prefer to visit a store and see the gift before purchasing. This is why a registry with national stores and a website like Wedding List Co is a more popular choice – it suits the couple, and their guests. Be careful of ‘faux’ online registries where you set up dummy gifts and receive money instead. Guests are not fooled and many are horrified when they find out afterwards that you were not in fact delivered the dinnerware they bought but instead that you received cash and used it to pay off wedding debts. Misleading your closest friends and family invited to your wedding is not a nice way to start married life. What gifts can we choose from? We have well over 5,000 options to choose from...Homewares, Artwork, Coco Republic Furniture, Wine, Experiences, Honeymoon Registry and Home Contribution. The list is endless, extensive, and gives you the widest choice of gifts in Australia. We operate just like the department stores in that we actually stock and sell all the gifts we offer and will deliver them to you after the wedding. Are you thinking of asking for cash instead of gifts? Wedding List Co recently undertook a survey of over 1000 guests to ask their thoughts on being asked for cash in lieu of a gift. The overwhelming response was that 87% of guests preferred to give a gift rather than cash and still take a gift of their choice anyway. However we recognise that the reality today is many couples prefer money towards their honeymoon or home deposit more than a household full of homewares, so we added the Contribution Registry. Guests can contribute any amount to the chosen ‘cash’ fund which the couple receives in full afterwards. However when opting for this we strongly recommend mixing it with gifts to offer guests the choice. Remember – the registry is as much about your guests as it is about you, so make it as easy and appealing as possible by giving them the choice. Those happy to contribute money will do, and the rest (normally over 70%) will still be able to buy you a gift of your choice – that you will use and love. How does Wedding List Co differ from David Jones and Myer? Despite recent website announcements by David Jones and Myer, guests can not purchase gifts online and must go instore to purchase from your registry - how ancient! Wedding List Co gives your guests the option of seeing an image plus description of the gift and buying it online. For the older couples who want that extra special service, they can purchase a gift instore. Your guests have the choice. No doubt you have spent a great deal of planning to ensure your big day runs smoothly and it should be the same for your registry. Wedding List Co provides the service you need for your registry, from your personalised consultation, to your account manager or for those online, an easy to use system for managing your registry. Just call us and compare our service to the department stores as you will be delighted by the benefits. Why is Wedding List Co the market leader? Wedding List Co is all about providing the best possible service when you need it most. We co-ordinate thousands of registries every year and we know what you need to have the best possible registry. Try contacting the department stores or an online online company for help with your registry and then compare to Wedding List Co. You'll see we stand by these statements. * The biggest range (20% more gifts than any other specialist registry) * The best prices (3 times more gifts on special than any other specialist registry) * Exclusive brands not available through any other specialist registry * Unique gifts such as wine, artwork, RedBalloon experiences and Coco Republic furniture * The lowest service & delivery charges for your guests * A website with the most functions for you to manage your list online – from set up to closing. * You can even see who bought what, split large gifts into shares, mark your favourites – the list is endless and the fun unlimited. * The most flexibility – make changes to your gifts even after the wedding to allow for double ups bought elsewhere or incomplete sets * The option of combining a Gift Registry with a Contribution Registry What will my guests pay? All gifts are at recommended retail pricing in line with the department stores. At any one time there are over 500 gifts on special that your guests can take advantage of. A service and delivery charge of will be added per order for all gift and contribution registry orders. David Jones charge $15.00 and Myers $12.95. How much does it cost to do a registry with Wedding List Co? Nothing. The service, advice and bubbly are free. Whether you choose to set up online or in store with the help of a Gift Expert the service is free. You may even get to take home some gorgeous goodies from the likes of Vera Wang and Gordon Ramsay if you register some of their products. See here for details of current promotions. Gifts are all at recommended retail pricing and at any one time there is normally over 1000 gifts on special. See here for the current list. If you choose to do a Contribution registry (our answer to a wishing well) there is a small setup fee as the total amount collected from your guests will be refunded to you. However book your honeymoon with Weddingco and the honeymoon registry will be free. How does Wedding List Co work? At Wedding List Co we believe that setting up a bridal registry should be FUN. Dragging your partner around a department store, till screaming do you part? We think not. This is your big chance. Your ultimate fantasy shopping trip. It's your right to have fun. The key word is choice - and lots of it. From exclusive designer brands to your department store favourites, we have them all. Fancy something slightly different? We have that too. Wine, art, spa treatments, honeymoon or mortgage contribution You name it, we do it. You'll be saying "I do" over and over again. Set up and choose gifts in a free consultation at one of our national showrooms with the help of a Gift Expert, or entirely online from the comfort of home. Guests can choose to buy gifts from your list online with great images and descriptions of everything (even a handy currency converter for those overseas), or in person from one of our stores. Its custom designed for both time-poor web-savvy friends, and older traditional relatives. Registry is all we do so we're the experts and we've thought of everything.