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Wedding invitation ideas

Wednesday March 19, 2008

Wedding invitations are one of the few parts of your wedding plans you can easily exert almost full creative control over. Well, it can certainly seem that way, but what if you're suffering a case of artist's block or the idea you have stretches a wee way past your budget for the amount of guests you'll be inviting? Save some energy on thinking about wedding invitations by checking out these helpful ideas.

Make your invitation a decorative piece to help people remember

If you're sending your invitation out early and are worried about a few forgetful guests, you could try designing an invitation that becomes a discussion piece. Your wedding invitation could fold into an attractive artistic statuette that displays the important information on the visible surfaces. You may even want to design an invite with a small calendar with pictures of you and your partner and a countdown until your wedding on the back. By designing a memorable wedding invitation you can help the more forgetful members of your family remember your big day.

If you have big ideas and a little budget, try two sets of invites

Do you think you could personally make the invite of your dreams, but to make the number you'll need would take too much time and money? The easiest way to handle this dilemma is to make two sets of wedding invitations: the one you love for your bridal party, and a more practical set for the other guests.
It's generally accepted that the bridal party will receive better treatment at a wedding than the general guests, so no one will be reasonably offended by this. Not to mention that your bridal party are almost certainly the only ones likely to keep your invitation in the future. If your budget cannot stretch to everyone having the invitation you want, you have to compromise, and this is probably the best way to do so.

Make use of email

This isn't a suggestion that you should just email your invitations, but to avoid missing out on anyone accidentally, you should supplement your mailed wedding invitations with emailed ones. Sending gentle reminders as the event nears should also help you to more accurately confirm the final numbers of attendance. This may not help the older family members who may not use email (see the first point for a tip on helping them), but the rest of the guests should appreciate the heads up.

Don't forget to factor in postal costs!

When designing your wedding invitation, keep the weight of the materials used in mind. If you opt for large, heavy invitations you will end up paying astronomical prices for the overall postage. Even if your invitation ends up costing only the amount of a standard letter, it will still cost you $50 per 100 guests, so keep the weight down!

Finally, if you can't remember the name of a partner of one of your guests, use the Internet

So many people are on social networking sites these days that it is quite likely that if you get stuck about the details of a person's partner, it will be listed on an online profile. If you've never met the person, then just inviting the intended person plus a guest should be fine. However, if it seems reasonable you should know the partner's name, look it up.

Your wedding is a unique event in your life, and the invitation is the first step in making it memorable for everyone involved. Still, don';t let external pressures convince you to go with a different design to the one you desire. After all, it's your wedding.

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