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Latest Australian Weddings Statistics: ABS

Wednesday September 9, 2009

The number or couples opting for the services of a wedding celebrant has increased in the past year with the figure rising to 65 per cent, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Additionally, people are waiting longer to take the wedding plunge with the 2008 median age for first marriages being 27.7 years for women and 29.6 years for men. This is an increase of around three years for both sexes. This age increase has been attributed to various external factors including attitude shifts in both the wider community and individuals, one of the most significant being the number of couples who chose to live together prior to marriage, which rose to 77.7 per cent.

Other significant statistics is that in the year of 2008 there were more marriages and fewer divorces, also according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Figures released in recent days showed that the number of marriages increased by 2.1 per cent while divorces fell 1.6 per cent, both compared to 2007. This translates to over 118,000 registered marriages and more than 47,000 divorces granted in Australia during 2008.

This figure of registered marriages is the highest in 20 years although the crude marriage rate, that is marriages per 1000 people, has declined since 1989 to 5.5 people from 7 people. This compares to the 2008 crude divorce rate of 2.2, the lowest in the last 20 years.

In a humourous side note, the increase for the number of marriages for 2008 has been attributed to the number of weddings held on the 08/08/08.

As far as the most popular months for a wedding go, November was the winner in 2008 with over 15,000 marriages. March and October held second and third most popular respectively.

These latest statistics are thought to indicate the emerging attitudes of a wedding no longer having a religious aspect, with more Australians either no longer identifying with a religion or simply not incorporating it into their wedding ceremony.

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