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A Wedding Entertainer & Magician

Address: The Gap, QLD 4061

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Roving Magic or 'close up' magic is the new vogue for wedding reception entertainment and Glen Rhodes is one of Brisbane's most sought-after modern magicians. Glen offers roving magic that is innovative, contemporary and most of all, entertaining
  • Unique Entertainment. The only 'Wedding Reception Entertainment Specialist' in Australia. Let Glen entertain your guests while you get all the credit for having such a great idea... everyone's a winner!
  • Audience Participation. Interaction is part of the fun, and the 'Magic' happens right in...
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Roshell Carlowe , .
Your magic show was truly amazing especially the prophecy act I still can not believe that!!! Not to mention the bottle in a bag routine I was half afraid and mesmerised at the same time. Now tell me, where did that balloon go?
. , .
Many thanks for a most enjoyable night on Friday. Dianne & I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m almost prepared to believe in miracles as you weaved your magic spell. I appreciated that you had a show that got everyone involved as it sets the atmosphere and makes the evening memorable
Helen Hansen , Brisbane
We loved your very entertaining magic at our son's wedding on Saturday..... and so did all the guests who were privileged to see it. Thank you.
Tamara Bradtke , Brisbane
Thank-you for performing such a magical show for us. I received many comments on the night as well as yesterday asking where did I find such a brilliant magician? Everybody thoroughly enjoyed your show. Once again thank-you so much!!! Tamara Bradtke

Frequently Asked Questions

Emcee Let your guests relax! Have Glen Rhodes be the emcee for your wedding reception. Bits of comedy and fun banter between speeches, Glen will ensure the reception schedule runs on time. Add a twist to an already fun evening. Background of Glen Glen Rhodes is a witty Englishman who has wowed audiences around the world. He combines mind blowing magic entertainment and comic English humour that will challenge your senses, tickle your mind and leave you wondering if the impossible is possible. Glen is one of the busiest magicians and entertainers in Australia averaging over eight shows per week, this gives him a wealth of experience (literally 1000s of shows) to ensure Glen can help make your wedding reception even more Successful. Cabaret - Stage Magic Show A 40 minute stand up exclusive theatrical experience. Incredible magic, storytelling, mind reading and mystique all mixed together to create for you and your guests, a memorable experience. This is magic thats highly visual, modern and contemporary in nature. Have your guests seated and watch as Glen amazes with his sleight of hand and the ability to read minds, influence decisions and predict outcomes. His finale is an edge of your seat nailbiter as he risks all on the whim of an audience member. Audiences all over the world have regarded his magic as unique, and a classic twist on contemporary conjuring.