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Wynyard Bridal is the Exclusive Stockist for Anaiss on Weddings in Australia. Anaiss Bridal 2011 collection celebrates the designers modern take on timeless designs. Anaiss signature modern chic meets timeless elegance style by Asia Canadian designer, Anca C.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Bridal Gown suits my body shape?

A-line dresses are fitted around the bodice and flow outward to the ground, resembling the shape of an uppercase A.
There is no marked waist or other cuts in the structure of the gown. A-line gowns can be short (above the knee) or flow all the way to the ground and include a long train. A-line dresses are ideal for many body types. The long, continuous lines elongate a shorter bride. The A-line skirt slims and hides a heavier lower body.

Ball Gowns
Ball gowns are deluxe in shape. The bodice is fitted and the skirt is very full. These type of gowns are very formal. Ball gowns come with a variety of different necklines and sleeve lengths - including sleeveless. Ball gowns can be worn with or without a train. Ball gowns are best for slender figures or pear-shapes, as the full skirt hides large
hips and thighs.

Column (Sheath)
The column wedding dress has a very slim shape that flows straight down from neckline to hemline.
These type of gowns are normally floor length and can be worn at casual or extravagant weddings, depending on the fabric.
Column gowns are best for thin brides. The straight design does not allow to hide many body flaws. This kind of dress looks especially nice on short, lean women, as it elongates their silhouette.

The empire gown has a raised waistline that begins right below the bust. From there, the dress flows toward outward to the floor. Traditionally, the empire dress has a square neckline. This design is very versatile and comes in a variety of skirt styles from contouring to A-shape. Sleeves vary from sleeveless to flowing, bell styles. Empire dresses can be worn at outdoor, casual weddings, as well as fancy church affairs. Though it is nice for any body type, the empire gown is especially fitting for small breasted women.

The mermaid dress looks exactly as the name indicates. The dress is contoured against the body all the way to the knee. Then the gown flares out to the hem.This style is considered the sexiest of the five basic wedding gown types. Because it hugs the body, you must be very confident to wear this style.The mermaid gown is normally worn by slender women.
However if you love your curvy figure and want to flaunt it, this dress may be for you.