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Zoe Pook Jewellery

Address: Sydney CBD, NSW 2000


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Beautiful creations, hand made and designed for you. Zoe proudly uses ethical gold and conflict free diamonds and gemstones. All styles and budgets catered for from a modest token to an utter splurge.

Beautiful creations, hand made and designed for you. Zoe proudly uses ethical gold and conflict free diamonds and gemstones. All styles and budgets catered for from a modest token to an utter splurge.

Zoe specialises in creating beautiful wedding and engagement jewellery.

Whether you have your...

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Monday10:00am to 5:00pm
Tuesday10:00am to 5:00pm
Wednesday10:00am to 5:00pm
Thursday10:00am to 5:00pm
Friday10:00am to 5:00pm

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Jeweller, designer and tea maker!

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Zoe created her own business after many years training and working for well-known jewellers in London and Australia. She is a classically trained jeweller who has refined her skills over years of problem solving and creating the 'perfect' ring for each client. She works from a studio and gallery, Metalab, in Surry Hills.


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Fair Trade gold!

If you are looking for a greener option for your wedding rings.... look no further.


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Zoe Pook
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use an old ring I have and remodel it? Short answer, yes. Long answer: There are many ways to 'recycle' a vintage ring. Whether you have a few old rings from various places which you would like melted down and used in a new ring or if you have a vintage engegement ring from a mother/grandmother that you would like to 'rejuvinate' I can help. Pretty much anything is possible. How do I commission a ring to be made? We will devote an hour (or 2!) to sit down with you and discuss what you are looking for, provide you with sketches and give you advice as to wearability and any limitations with choice of stones/type of metal. I always encourage clients to be honest with me during the design process, it's an important decision and it needs to be right. If you want a beautiful classic style, say so - or if you want a bonkers ornate sparkler - likewise. It's not my ring, it's yours. We will go through the process and make sure that you get what you really want, a ring that you will love and wear forever. I encourage questions and endeavour to solve any problems that arise. Whether you have your own design or concept that you would like turned into reality, or would like assistance in developing a design for a piece that is unique to you, we can discuss your ideas and provide you with preliminary sketches to help you visualise your piece. All price ranges are catered for, from a modest token to an utter splurge. A deposit will secure your commission, and in 3-4 weeks your unique creation will be ready for delivery. What is 'ethical' gold? The terms 'green' 'eco' and 'ethical' are bandied about a lot at the moment - and that is a good thing, it shows that we are changing in our demands as consumers and retailers are reflecting that. However, it can be an exercise in frustration to get to the truth. The ethical gold that I offer, is truly that. I get it from a mine in Columbia that is the first Fair Trade mine in the world. It adheres to strict environmental policies and the miners that work there are all share holders in the mine. There is no cyanide or mercury used and the surrouding area is re-planted and cleaned regularly. We also offer 100% recycled gold and platinum. For more information and links please see my website How much will it cost me? There is no doubt that money is a big consideration when planning a wedding. A budget is always a good idea and so many clients come to me with a budget in mind and I work to that. However to give you an idea most engagement rings fall in the $2000 - $10,000 range and most wedding rings in the $500 - $3000 range.